Could Chandler Bing BE any more Instagrammable? The top 10 most Instagrammed Sitcom Stars

sitcom characters viral sensations

From funny memes to trending videos, going viral on social media is an honor in its own right and is pretty much guaranteed for a sitcom character. But, when it comes to Instagram, which characters are the most popular? 

A new study by the team at Betway has revealed which iconic sitcom characters have accumulated the most hashtags on Instagram, with the king of sarcasm Chandler Bing claiming the top spot!

sitcom characters viral sensations

Chandler Bing claims the crown as the most Instagrammed sitcom character with 1.2M hashtags.

Chandler is known for his sarcastic and witty sense of humor so it’s no surprise that he tops the table for being the most hashtagged sitcom star on Instagram. Even years after the show’s finale, fans still quote the lovable character’s catchphrases on a regular basis.

Dunder Mifflin boss Michael Scott is the second-most Instagrammed sitcom star with 675.8K hashtags.

Michael’s eccentric personality and quirks contribute to his lovable charm, as well as his iconic catchphrases (“that’s what she said”), and his obsession with being the “World’s Best Boss,”.

The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper is also a fan favorite on Instagram, being the third-most-Instagrammed character in the report with 393.4K hashtags.

Sheldon’s quirks, such as his spot on the couch, his knock on the door, and catchphrases like “bazinga,” contribute to him being so memorable and iconic.

sitcom character showdown

Detective Jake Peralta of Brooklyn Nine-Nine claims the title of the fourth-most Instagrammed with 305.1K hashtags.

Jake Peralta is known for his quick quips, pop culture references, and playful banter with his colleagues which make him a consistently entertaining character.

Barney Stinson of How I Met Your Mother appears as the fifth-most Instagrammed sitcom character, accumulating 298.2K hashtags.

Barney is well known for his clever one-liners, catchphrases such as “Legendary!” and “Suit up!”, and humorous schemes.

See how the top 10 most Instagrammed sitcom stars rank in the study:

SitcomCharacterNumber of Instagram hashtags
1FriendsChandler Bing1,207,116
2The Office (US)Michael Scott675,839
3The Big Bang TheorySheldon Cooper393,489
4Brooklyn Nine-NineDetective Jake Peralta305,138
5How I Met Your MotherBarney Stinson298,156
6Parks and RecreationRon Swanson250,862
7Sex & The CitySamantha Jones107,525
8Schitt’s CreekDavid Rose91,989
9New GirlNick Miller60,403
10Modern FamilyPhil Dunphy56,332



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