5 Creative Movie Club Event Ideas to Host Fun Meetings

Creative Movie Club Event Ideas

Image by yousafbhutta from Pixabay

Tired of doing the same old thing? It seems like there’s nothing to do other than go out and drink and spend money, right? Wrong! A movie club is an incredibly fun way to get together with friends, and even meet some new ones. These types of clubs are popping up with young adults all over the country, and it’s not difficult to see why. Think of this like your mom’s book club, with less reading and more amazing films.

Ready to create your own movie club? If it sounds like a good idea, but you’re not sure how to get started- that’s okay. Here are a few ideas to consider. When you host your movie club’s first meeting and announce one of these events, you’re sure to have a full membership list!

#1 Rent a Movie Theater

Yes, the whole movie theater! A movie theater rental is a much more realistic idea than you may imagine. You can have a private watch party with your movie club, meaning you can select the film and watch it on a real movie theater screen rather than someone’s television. You don’t need to choose a movie currently showing in theaters across the country. This also means you have access to concession stand food! Some movie theaters are happy to accommodate private groups for a memorable night watching a film on the big screen. Simply book the theater, select a movie, and show up, the theater will handle the rest!

#2 Host a Pajama Night

There’s just something about watching a movie in your pajamas that makes whatever happened in the day melt away. Don’t make your club members get dressed up to visit you! Host a movie night at your host and specifically call out that it’s a pajama party. If you really want to stick to the theme, show a movie about people in their pajamas- like The Slumber Party Massacre or The Slumber Party. 

#3 Create Theme Nights

Speaking of themes, this is a fun and easy way to create a real “club” feeling within your group. Plan a Saturday around watching several movies all with the same theme. For instance, make it a space theme and watch Interstellar and Stark Trek. You could also make it themed around Disney movies, Star Wars movies, the Godfather trilogy, and many more. Get creative!

#4 Select a Movie King/Queen

Not sure how to select a movie? Make each meeting dedicated to one person’s favorite movies! The movie king or queen for the night gets to pick everything from the film to the snacks to the location. 

#5 Play BINGO

Don’t just sit there; get into it! This one takes a little planning ahead of time, but is well worth it. Select a film most people have seen, and make it interactive. Create BINGO cards for things that happen in the movie, like a kiss, a lead character says their catch phrase, a car chase, or anything else. Have everyone play along and see who gets BINGO first! It’s a fun way to put a twist on a beloved classic.

Hopefully, this list gives you some fantastic ideas. Try one, two, or all five of these to get your club off the ground. Don’t be disappointed if it takes a few weeks or even months to build your membership. As word gets around about how fun it is, your club is sure to grow to a size you never thought imaginable. Now get out there and enjoy your new movie club!


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