Tiktok’s Got Talent’s Fran Releases Debut Single “Solitary Rain”

Francheska Jukes
A singer-songwriter, mum and tattoo artist from Leicestershire has released a new single with Tiktok’s Got Talent (TGT).
Francheska Jukes aka “FRAN” will release her debut single “Solitary Rain” via TGT Records on December 1st, but it is available to preorder now.
TGT2023 which is run and spearheaded by well known, successful music manager and record label owner Darren, aka Daddy Goo, who became one the most sought after industry professionals in 2019 following his success with a Bradford based music group who skyrocketed to stardom after he secured them a lucrative recording contract with Sony Music along with various other lucrative publishing and media deals.
Daddy Goo
When speaking with Daddy Goo about the story behind TikTok’s Got Talent, he explained: “Following a break from the industry to focus on my family and personal health matters that had worsened causing a massive impact on my mental health, I decided to start and create something which would give music lovers and professionals a platform to come and be part of a family and community which welcomes anyone.
“We pride ourselves on welcoming everyone – no matter their ability – and creating a safe place and sanctuary that has one rule: “no negativity.” It won’t be tolerated or allowed as music is used in many ways especially mental health and wellbeing.
“Initially, I wanted to use it to find unfounded talent and use my previous experience and success to change someone’s life. Music is the reason I have a life today as it saved me after a serious accident back in 2014 in which I died briefly as well as being in a coma for 10 days. I suffered a broken back, lost my leg, permanent nerve damage, countless broken bones and PTSD/mental health problems.
“All I can say is that I’m so thankful that my online family and support network didn’t allow me to give up and continued to push me to follow my dreams and goals. I want to give a massive thank you believing in me: Margaretanne, Heather, Marie, Maryanne, Alan, Jo, Steve amongst others.”
Fran¬†became involved with Tiktok’s Got Talent after entering a competition earlier this year. She is now the first of many artists who came through TGT Records to release a single.
Fran commented: “I’ve enjoyed singing since I was around three years old. I always knew it was something I wanted to pursue. It’s my passion, music is my soul! I find writing difficult, but I give it a good try!
“When I entered TGT2023’s competition, hosted By Daddy Goo I never in a million years thought that I was ever good enough to win I just did it for my Mental Health as music is my therapy. I was just extremely grateful for the opportunity and must thank Goo and his team for absolutely everything as they really helped me evolve and find my voice while building confidence and belief within myself.
“I wrote “Solitary Rain” as my final task in the competition. It still feels like a dream.”
The new track is available on Pre Order Now. It is set to be released on December 1st this year.

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