ETH set to be worth $5.8k by 2025: Finder’s latest Ethereum Predictions Report

Ethereum Predictions Report

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  • ETH to end 2023 worth US$1.8k, before jumping to $5.8k by the end of 2025.

  • 37% of Finder’s panel predict that ether’s market cap will flip that of bitcoin.

  • 48% of panellists think now is the time to hold ETH.

PRESS RELEASE – The price of ether (ETH) isn’t expected to move much for the remainder of 2023, according to Finder’s latest Ethereum Price Predictions Report.

Finder’s panel of 31 cryptocurrency and fintech specialists predict ETH on average will be worth US$1.8k at the end of the year, on par with its current price at the time of writing. By the end of 2025 this is expected to jump to $5.8k.

YouHodler chief of markets Ruslan Lienkha gave an end-of-year prediction slightly higher than the panel average at $2k. According to Lienkha, ETH “has a huge growth potential as it is not just cryptocurrency but an entire ecosystem with plenty of different projects.”

Market Research Future senior research analyst Shubham Munde gave a similar 2023 price prediction and attributes this to the rising popularity of DeFi. By the end of 2025, he thinks ETH will be priced at $4.5k.

“The market is also recovering well and [is] expected to see major highs in [the] next year,” said Munde.

Omnia Markets founder and CEO Mitesh Shah is more bullish about ETH’s 2025 outlook, giving a prediction higher than the panel average at $7.5k.

“The rapid growth of cryptocurrency ETFs, with a wave of ether futures funds launching this Monday, is poised to make it easier for institutional investors to gain exposure to the crypto market.”

Origin Protocol founder Josh Fraser is of the belief that ETH’s price won’t move significantly before year-end. However, Fraser is also part of the 37% who believe that the market cap of ETH will flip that of BTC’s. Meanwhile 43% don’t think this will ever happen, while the remaining 20% are unsure.

“In my opinion, it’s likely ETH will eventually flip Bitcoin in terms of market capitalization,” said Fraser.

“By 2030, NFTs will have tokenized trillions of dollars worth of value on Ethereum. It’s not unlikely that total value locked in NFTs will surpass that of DeFi, as NFT value will include real estate, IP, luxury goods, and beyond.”

RealFevr VP of Web 3 Pedro Febrero thinks that the flippening will happen as soon as 2024:

“Ethereum is the number 1 network in terms of fee revenue: compared to BTC, ETH validators make over 50% of their income from fees, whereas in bitcoin miners’ revenue fee weight represents around 1%.”

On the other hand, Boston CFO Jeremy Britton is part of the 43% who think ETH will never flip BTC.

“ETH is still the original network, but changing from POW to POS has made ETH less decentralised and less “crypto”. Some of ETH’s competitors, such as SOL, MATIC and others, may cut ETH’s market share as people want lower fees and more decentralisation.”

Overall 48% of Finder’s panel say now is the time to hold ETH, 41% to buy, and 10% to sell.

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