The Actors That Dominated the Awards with their Sitcom Success


Every sitcom contributes so much to the world of television and brings us new characters we never knew we needed, but some actors in particular are celebrated for their outstanding talent and memorable characters.

In a new study by Betway, the team set out to discover which actors who have starred as iconic characters in popular sitcoms have taken home the most awards for their roles.

The Actors That Dominated the Awards

Racking up the most awards for his character in Schitt’s Creek is Daniel Levy for his impressive portrayal of David Rose. The star took home a staggering 24 awards in total for his contribution to the show, including ‘Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series’.

The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons takes second place for his character Sheldon Cooper. Whilst Sheldon is an award winner in his own right – earning a Nobel prize for physics in the show’s finale – Parsons hasn’t done badly either, taking home 21 awards.

Steve Carrell, playing Michael Scott in The Office (US), swaps ‘Dundies’ for real-life awards as he takes joint-third place alongside Ty Burrell playing Phil Dunphy in Modern Family. Both actors have taken home a total of 17 awards each for their roles and shows.

Ugly Betty actress America Ferrera, who portrays Betty Suarez, shares fourth place with The Office (UK) star Ricky Gervais, who plays David Brent, both claiming 12 awards overall.

See how the top 5 rank in the study:

SitcomCharacterNumber of results on GIPHY
1Schitt’s CreekDavid Rose24
2The Big Bang TheorySheldon Cooper21
3The Office (US)

Modern Family

Michael Scott

Phil Dunphy

4Ugly Betty

The Office (UK)

Betty Suarez

David Brent

5How I Met Your MotherBarney Stinson6

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