Michael Myers Arrives in Fortnite: Prepare to Face the Shape

when is michael myers coming to fortnite

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The iconic horror villain Michael Myers is coming to Fortnite, bringing his signature brand of terror to the popular battle royale game. Players can expect to see Michael Myers as a playable character, along with a themed island and challenges.

According to leaks and rumors, Michael Myers is expected to arrive in Fortnite on October 24th, 2023, as part of the Fortnitemares event. This coincides with the Halloween season, making it the perfect time to introduce the fearsome villain.

Players can expect to see Michael Myers in his classic attire, including the white mask, blue overalls, and butcher knife. He is expected to have a unique set of abilities, such as the ability to stalk players and sneak up on them.

The themed island is likely to feature familiar locations from the Halloween franchise, such as Haddonfield and Smith’s Grove. Players can expect to find Halloween-themed items and challenges to complete.

The arrival of Michael Myers in Fortnite is sure to excite fans of both the horror genre and the popular game. It will be interesting to see how Michael Myers is implemented into the game and how players respond to his presence.

Additional Details

  • Michael Myers is expected to be available in the Item Shop for a limited time.
  • There is also a possibility of Michael Myers being released as a part of a Battle Pass.
  • Epic Games has not yet made an official announcement about Michael Myers coming to Fortnite.


The arrival of Michael Myers in Fortnite is a major event for the game and is sure to generate a lot of excitement. Players should be prepared to face the Shape when he arrives in October.


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