‘Utterly hilarious’ ★★★★★ BroadwayWorld

‘You’ve got to be there’ ★★★★★ EdFringeReview ‘Devastatingly funny, perfect’ ★★★★★ The Reviews Hub ‘Had me shaking with laughter’ ★★★★ Telegraph

“Sometimes you don’t know something has been missing in your life until it’s right in front of you… Rarely in comedy has anyone been as committed to a bit as Davies” ★★★★ Fest

Huge Davies has made a thrilling discovery; a family songbook passed down through time and space. Inside it, he has discovered songs of many styles, written by his dead ancestors. To honour this sacred heirloom, he plans to make his own recording of the songs to pay tribute to his long-dead/not-yet-alive so-potentially-technically-dead ancestors, and will be doing this daily, throughout the Fringe. Audiences are invited to attend, contribute lyrics, sing, bang a tambourine – the options are endless. At the end of the Fringe, he will press the album and people will be able to buy it as a limited-release vinyl.

Huge has won over audiences with his signature droll, deadpan, and intricately layered style of comedy and is also known for his customised wearable keyboard. Don’t expect Huge to be pleased you’re there; it’s you who should be grateful for the chance to be close to musical greatness. This show will lead the audience into the past and drag them into the future to help write, perform, and record the music of Huge’s ancestors’ (dead) souls. We know that this sounds like every other interactive-dead-ancestor-jukebox-musical show out there, and we hear you, but this is very different because this is not a joke and because it is an album recording of Huge’s ancestors’ (dead) music. You should not laugh or expect to laugh. And if you do laugh … well thanks a lot, now Huge has to start the recording again.

Unlike many musical comedians Huge will be visiting a variety of different musical periods. Genres will include World War 2 hits, the Mediaeval period, electro-baroque, The 70s and possibly music from the future. No one is alive (they are dead) but also they are not dead (they were never born). Huge’s dad is the Indonesian version of Batman, his grandfather is Grandpa Joe, his Grandmother is the greatest Pokémon trainer of all time.

This show is Huge at his most non-charismatic, serious, and, honestly, a little bored. The ancestors demand to have their music heard, and it is simply more convenient to turn a Fringe venue into a full studio for one hour a day, twenty-five times, than to rent a conventional recording booth. Audience members can rest safe in the knowledge that he would rather they not be present and that their ticket price is merely a mechanism through which to directly subsidise the ancestors’ artistic dreams.

Huge’s dead ancestors will be watching the show every day.


21:40 31st July – 25th August (not 14th) 60 mins

0131 556 6550


‘Heaving, dry-wretches of laughter’-

★★★★½ To Do List

‘A captivating and hilarious journey into the brilliant and unique mind of Huge Davies

★★★★★ Everything Theatre

‘Best Shows To See’

Guardian, Telegraph

“A masterful craftsman of comedy”

★★★★ Chortle

‘Like staring into the abyss… go see it’

★★★★ ThreeWeeks

‘This is what Edinburgh’s all about’

The Scotsman

‘His cleverly crafted set-ups result in hilarity from

the smallest of musical notes’

★★★★ The Skinny

‘A great reminder to us all of what Edinburgh

should be about’

★★★★ One4Review

‘A master of the craft when it comes to drawn- out jokes, wrongfooting his audience and reeling out unexpected anecdotes from seemingly

simple premises’

★★★★ The List

‘I find myself slightly scared not to laugh…a truly

unique act’

★★★★ Entertainment Now

Huge’s Best Newcomer-nominated 2019 debut ‘The Carpark’ was a complete Fringe sell-out, with a sell-out Soho Theatre run (3 extra runs due to demand & filmed by 800Lb Gorilla). ‘Whodunnit’, his second show, was also a sell- out. Huge wrote, created, and starred in his Channel 4 sitcom ‘The Artists’, has and has appeared on 8 Out Out 10 Cats Does Countdown, Jools Holland, Roast Battle, the Off Menu Podcast, Jonathan Ross’ Comedy Club, and Live at the Comedy Store. He has supported Phil Wang and Joe Lycett, and is a staff writer for Never Mind The Buzzcocks.

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ROSIE MAI DYLAN 07432 567558


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