fbpx This summer, the destinations where renting a car will have the biggest

This summer, the destinations where renting a car will have the biggest price difference since last year

DiscoverCars.com have used their internal data to find out the latest travel trends for this summer: where can you make the most savings on a rental car compared to last year?

Where to go on your summer holiday is a question that will be influenced by all sorts of factors – beautiful images that have popped up recently on your socials, recommendations from friends and family, the weather, and of course the price.

The car rental company DiscoverCars.com have delved into their internal data to find out which destinations around the world have seen the biggest change in price since last summer.

Aleksandrs Buraks at DiscoverCars.com comments:

“This year, there have been some quite dramatic shifts in the average costs to rent a car – and in a lot of cases, it’s a move towards a lower price! Slovakia and Argentina have both seen price drops of over 35%, and there are plenty of other countries where it’s at least 25% cheaper than it was last year to rent a car, including Montenegro, Ireland, and the Czech Republic.

“The countries where the price has gone up are an interesting list too. One reason the average cost has increased could be high demand. Mexico and Texas are both more expensive than they were last summer – does this suggest that the stunning, rocky views of a desert road trip are more popular than ever this year?”

The country with the biggest price drop was Slovakia, dropping by 36% from £32.88 a day last year to £20.91.

In second place is Argentina where it is 35% cheaper to rent a car than it was last year. Last year’s average price of £62.24 a day has dropped to £40.62.

Ireland and Montenegro share the third biggest price drop, of 26%. In Ireland, renting a car for a day last summer would have cost £53.18 per day – this year, the average price is £39.56. In Montenegro, the cost has dropped from £43.23 down to £31.83.

The Czech Republic, Switzerland and Denmark each dropped by 25%, and Austria and Romania are now cheaper destinations to rent a car by 24% this year. The cost to rent a car in Sicily is 22% less than it would have been last summer.


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In contrast, the list of countries where the cost has increased is led by Curacao, where prices have gone up by 33%. This has taken the average cost to rent a car for a day from £33.06 last summer to £43.86.

Texas is the destination with the second most increased price. £35.37 per day was the cost last summer on average, but it now costs £44.06.

In third place, the United Arab Emirates saw an increase of 23% – the average daily cost to rent a car has risen from £22.61 to £27.93.

The cost to rent a car in Mexico or Northern Cyprus this summer will cost 21% more than it would have last year. Spain’s prices have gone up 13%, and it would now be 11% more expensive in Barbados by 11%. Brazil, Panama, and South Africa have all seen minimal price increases of less than 10%, at 9%, 8% and 7% respectively – meaning that if you were thinking of visiting these countries, the price increase shouldn’t hit you too hard at all.

DiscoverCars.com also found that the length of time for which customers rent a car has changed since last summer. There is a growing trend for longer rental periods, which could suggest that travelers are taking longer trips this year. Renting a car for a fortnight has become more popular than renting it for a 3 day period. However, the number one most popular length of time to rent a car remains steady at 7 days.

Lastly, the car rental prices in some destinations have also changed based on the rental duration. For example, in New Zealand, renting a car for a single day is now 61% cheaper than it would have been last year, dropping from £68.48 on average to £26.82. On the other hand, renting a car in the United Arab Emirates for a single day has increased by 73%, from £46.50 on average to £80.54.

These results demonstrate just how much prices can change in a single year – so if you were costing up your dream trip last year but became disheartened by the prices, this is a useful lesson to remember to check again in a year’s time. The cost to rent a car might have gone down significantly, leaving you with more money to spend on the rest of your trip.

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