fbpx New data names Europe’s best pet friendly capital cities

New data names Europe’s best pet friendly capital cities

Recent research has revealed the most pet friendly capital cities in Europe. From taking your furry friend to a restaurant to planning an overnight stay in a pet friendly hotel, a new ranking shows the cities people should add to their list for an ideal pet-friendly visit.

Ubuy UK, the global e-commerce platform, has conducted research to see which of Europe’s capital cities are the most pet friendly. Collating their findings into a top 10 ranking, this list is based on the number of pet friendly hotels, dog friendly restaurants, plus the total number of pet sitters and parks in relation to the population of each city. A score was given from 1 – 40 to every city based on each individual finding, with combined mean scores of them used to create the ranking.

Speaking on the analysis, Faizan Khan, spokesperson for Ubuy, comments:

“This ranking shows that in Europe, there are truly wonderful places for pet owners to explore. There isn’t any need to compromise on creating memories with your furry family members.

“If strolling through a park together sounds ideal, or trying out some local cuisine in the company of your cat or canine sounds even better, there is something for everyone – and every pet – in Europe’s capital cities.”

The Results

In first place with 188 points (out of a possible 200) was Paris, France, proving to be the best pet friendly capital city in Europe. This high score can be attributed to 550 hotels allowing pets, perfect for staycations or visitors alike, 688 dog friendly restaurants and a staggering 1045 pet sitters. In Paris’ 182 parks, many of which also allow pets off a leash, including Beaulieu Park and the Bois de Boulogne.

With 177 points, Rome, Italy and Madrid, Spain came in second place. In Rome, there is the highest number of pet friendly hotels compared to anywhere in Europe, at 1,210. Plus, there are 904 dog friendly restaurants, 295 registered pet sitters and 71 parks, like Parco degli Acquedotti.

Madrid has the highest number of pet sitters in Europe at 2,421 and the 3rd highest number of parks at 102. Pet owners can also find 496 dog welcoming restaurants and 150 hotels that let pets stay, too.

In third place with 169 points was London, United Kingdom. There, the highest number of parks in Europe – 190 – are perfect for entertaining pets, along with the 818 dog friendly restaurants and 207 hotels that welcome pets. The city also has 1,983 pet sitters, the 2nd highest figure in Europe.

In fourth position was Berlin, Germany, scoring 166 points as being very pet friendly. The German capital boasts 414 hotels that let pets stay, plus 385 restaurants that accept canine visitors. 61 parks, including Treptower and Mauerpark are set to please local pets too, just like the city’s 927 pet sitters.

In fifth position with 157 points was Vienna, Austria. The city offers 272 pet friendly hotels, and 445 registered pet sitters, 294 dog friendly restaurants and 41 parks, like Stadtpark.

In sixth place is Amsterdam, the Netherlands with a score of 156 points. Following closely behind is Prague, Czech Republic (154 points) and Budapest, Hungary (151 points). Rounding off the ranking is Lisbon, Portugal with 149 points.

The top 10 ranking

Capital City:

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Ubuy’s ranking shows how many amazing cities are pet friendly. Each, with their own unique cultural and social landscape that can make a visit or local day out with a pet all the more memorable. From exploring parks to hidden culinary gems with a furry friend, visiting any of the cities highlighted in this list will be great fun for pet owners.

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