Whydee: The Viral Sensation from The Charvas

Whydee: The Viral Sensation from The Charvas Proving the Power of Trends helping artists with Chart-Topping Hits

300 million Tiktok views for Central Cee’s Band4Band by Whydee.

At just 18 years old, Whydee, content creator, rapper, engineer and a member of the dynamic viral Charva group, has again taken the social media and music world by storm!

Whydee’s most recent success with his beloved Charva 2 character has helped to propel the Central Cee track “Band 4 Band” to number 2 on the TikTok Charts in the first week of release and is still at the top of the trend with over 250 million views on his trend on tiktok, 40 million on instagram and over 15 million on Youtube plus thousands of cartoon memes of his famous dance.

His video leading the trend across social platforms worldwide resulted in a collaboration with Central Cee on a new viral video and assisted the single to enter the billboard and UK Charts.

Check out his 71.5 million view TikTok for Band4Band here to see more of his incredible work:


Remarkably, Whydee’s collective videos for this track have garnered over 300 million views across social media, surpassing even the artist’s original content.

Comprising teenagers aged 17 and 18, The Charvas have rapidly risen to prominence, leveraging their creativity and understanding of viral content to significantly influence the music industry.

The Viral Sensation from The Charvas

Whydee’s journey to virality is a testament to his unique talent and ability to generate trends. In November 2023, he and his group catapulted the song “Just How You Like It” by KAD into the spotlight, demonstrating his knack for making songs go viral. This achievement has opened doors for him to collaborate with some of the biggest artists, labels, and brands globally.

Whydee is currently one of the most recognizable and hottest TikTok stars in the UK. His content generates between 300,000 – 1 million and up to 71 million views per post on his page, with millions of interactions, showcasing his vast influence as a major influencer.

In just eight months, Whydee and The Charvas have amassed a staggering 5.2 billion streams and views across multiple platforms. This incredible reach underscores their influence and the powerful connection they’ve built with their audience.

Whydee, who is of rich Nigerian and Jamaican heritage, is a multifaceted talent. Not only is he a content creator, but he is also an accomplished studio engineer. His impressive resume includes work with major record companies and brands like Sony, Warner, Island, EMI, Columbia, UniversalMarc Jacobs, Boohooman, Tommy Hilfigure and many more as well as engineering radio production and adverts for Capital Xtra. 

Additionally, Whydee is a talented musician, rapper, lyricist, actor, and content creator, who first went viral at the age of 13, and again at age 16. He is known for his ability to seamlessly switch between six different characters, on and off-screen charisma, and just being really entertaining.

One of his most popular personas is the Charva Face, which has resonated deeply with younger audiences around the world. This character’s widespread appeal has led to impersonations by stars such as Jake Paul, Tom Jones, and Ishowspeed.

Whydee’s collaborations span a wide array of big names, including Central Cee, Duke Dennis, New Era, Michael Dappah, Tion Wayne, Hedex and one of the faces for the promotional advert for Wireless Festival 2024, and many more, further cementing his status as a rising star in the entertainment industry.

As Whydee prepares to delve deeper into the worlds of music, movies, and gaming, his staggering engagement numbers and the buzz around his content are undeniable. His social media presence continues to grow, attracting fans and collaborators from all corners of the globe.

Stay tuned to Whydee’s socials for more incredible content and updates as this young prodigy continues to reshape the entertainment landscape with his innovative approach and undeniable talent.

Check out Whydee on TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@incogwhydee

Whydee Incredible Stats

Spotify Assisted Streams: 30 million

TikTok Charts: #3 twice, Top 10, 4 times, 18 weeks in the Top 10

Generated Views:

•           3.5 billion for “Just How You Like It” trend

•           1.5 billion for “Turn Red” & “Band4Band”

•           TikTok Followers: 1.2 Millions

•           Instagram Followers: 144k

•           Average Views per Post: 300k, 6.1 million – 70.5 million

•           Most Recent TikTok Post: 44.3 million views, 3 million likes

•           IG Reels: 40 Million

•           YouTube Subscribers: 15,000

•           Twitch Followers: 2,000

•           Discord & Community Members: 10,000


Hailing from North West London, Whydee, also popularly known as Charva 2, is an 18-year-old multi-talented musician, rapper, producer, sound engineer, and actor. Standing at 6ft 3, Whydee has attended the prestigious Sylvia Young Drama School and has been involved in the entertainment industry from a young age. Starting his career in television commercials at just 2 years old, he has also engineered radio programs and adverts for CapitalXtra and Eagle7fm.

Whydee is celebrated for his versatile facial expressions and humor, which have made him a standout content creator. Although he excelled in sports like football and basketball, his true passions lie in music, rapping, songwriting, production, video creation, sound engineering, and gaming. His impressive engagement on social media platforms is simply incredible.

Whydee is also on a major music journey after attracting offers from some of the UK’s biggest record companies. He is set to release his own debut music project in the summer of 2024, along with an EP with his group, The Charvas.

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