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5 HELPFUL Highground Retakes To Try in Season 3

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Highground retakes are as complicated – or as simple as you make them. At the end of the day, knowing the right retake strategies can save you when in a bind. Whether you’re playing a tournament or just vibing in creative, these tips are sure to help

1. Front Wall Double Ramp

The front wall double ramp isn’t a fully-fledged highground retake in it of itself – rather a piece to the rest of the highground retake puzzle

Place a floor in front of your single ramp as an alternative method to create a double ramp. Instead of doing a Thwifo cone or double floor/cone edit, this method is much simpler and consistent – especially for beginner players

Using the front wall double ramp is a precursor to some of the next tricks

2. Double Ramp Right Slide

Using the previous technique, we’re going to start our first highground retake. This one starts in the double ramp position, with a front wall on top

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Instead of editing through, do a side jump using the front wall as your connecting piece. Crank 90’s from there for easy high ground

3. 360 Thwifo

For all you controller players out there, listen up. Optimize your Thwifo cones by doing a full 360 degree turn for every single placement

Move in a clockwise motion until you’re looking directly backwards. Place your wall and cone, and continue moving clockwise for another 180 degrees

4. Backwards Double Ramp Edit

Sometimes, you can’t always follow through and edit your cones and floors. You’ll become too predictable. Here’s an idea to outplay your opponents when the usual retakes just aren’t working

Simply backwards edit your double ramp


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Backwards editing your double ramp will give you the opportunity to quickly change directions and even start a new double ramp

5. Infinite Side Jump

An infinite side jump is the most mechanically difficult procedure on this list, but also the most rewarding. As we discussed in a previous guide – you can do two types of side jumps: elevated and protected

What we’re doing with this retake is mixing the two to produce an elevated and protected side jump. After jumping, your player will build a wall to the front and right, floor and cone on top, and floor and stair below


BONUS: 6. Quarter Edit Side Jump

If the previous trick was too mechanically rigorous for you, don’t fret. Quarter edit the floor above your head to place a wall to your left or right before you try the same infinite side jump

This way, you won’t have to flick to the side to place your wall, since you would have already placed it before jumping

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Follow these tips and tricks and you’ll see some definite improvement. Follow us on Twitter while you’re at it 😉

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