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5 INSANE landing spots to drop for Trios

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The butterfly effect describes a small change in the past leading to an exponentially larger change in the future. Similarly, a small change in your drop spot could have lead to an exponentially different result

Surviving off rip one more game? Could that game have been a 10 kill win pushing you into the money? We can’t conclusively say – so might as well try switching up the drop spot to find out

This guide will focus on trio drop spot – or spots that can comfortably put 3 people in line with the right loot and path to the end game

Salty Springs

5 INSANE landing spots to drop for Trios

First on our list is none other than ole’ reliable: Salty Springs. While the loot here at Salty hasn’t evolved over the seasons, allowing other spots to tempt players with more resources, there’s a few reasons why this drop spot works perfectly in the Trios meta

The big selling point for landing Salty comes from the free 200hp that all players can take advantage of right at the start. How? Well, if you are uncontested (spoiler: it will be uncontested often), you can peel off last second and triple pickaxe the slurp truck just north of Salty

Once your whole team is all 200hp, you can loot the unattended Salty together. Any extra shield you find at Salty is money stashed away for a rainy day

Risky Reels


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Risky puts you in a similarly close proximity to Authority and a mellow rotate to any future zone. You’re basically set for midgame positioning by landing center of the map

While Risky can’t be attributed to stacked loot, there’s another way to maximize your efficiency here. If uncontested (once again, happens often), one of your teammates can peel off to the northeast mountain and work their way back

There are 5 chests in that pocket which no other team can reasonably split drop to. A very powerful route if you ask me

Retail Row


While Retail has been a titan of Fortnite drop spots since the inception of our beloved game, this season is the time to land here

Why? Two words: Catty Corner. Rotating out of Retail puts you in the best position to 3rd, 4th, or even 5th party and yoink the keycard last second. Most pro players view the Shockwave Launcher as a win condition – so there ya go

Dirty Docks


As the water levels drop, Dirty Docks has suddenly become a viable drop for a full trio. Until everyone finds out about this new change, expect Dirty to stay on the dl

Oh and don’t sleep on the rotation outside of Dirty. While it may be a long hike, it’s packed with loot and hard mats regardless if zone pulls north or south (See video for more details)

The Fortilla

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Last but certainly not least is Fortilla. At the end of the day, this list couldn’t have any integrity if we didn’t include the POI with the most chests and floor spawns

Loot for dayz aside, people often underestimate the value of an infinite chug jug. When opponents get passing tags on you in the midgame, you won’t have to dip into your finite healing supply. This guarantees you and your teammates can get to moving zones without using a lick of your actual heals – all for the cost of one inventory slot

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