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7 tips to become a smarter Fortnite player!

Video Guide

Video by hindog – YouTube / Twitch

Text Guide

In the video, we cover a high kill scrim gameplay and discuss different points that facilitated my process to the win

When undergeared, bring the fight to your opponent

Don’t let your opponent take control of the fight when they have a substantial advantage against you. Whether they have better gear or more HP, the only way you’re getting out of that altercation with even a chance of success is by countering aggression with aggression

In our scenario (1:45), we use our only weapon (the hunting rifle) to eliminate a fully geared out opponent from close proximity

Hold the highground in early game fights

This one seems intuitive, but doesn’t get utilized to the same extent. Players like to try and jump on an opponent after locating their whereabouts – just to give up the high position

Instead, work your way top down, by spraying your opponent from above until you are in an optimal position to kill them from the high position. See 3:20 for more information

Positioning in zone: elevation over location

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Often enough, positioning yourself in the direct center of zone is not the most ideal place on the map. Especially when you’re in the midgame, you’re more susceptible to grenade spam and general lobby targeting

Find some hills or other general elevations to put yourself on for the lowest chances of getting eliminated. 4:00 for a deeper explanation

Don’t overextend and tunnel vision

Pushing and securing eliminations is one of the most critical traits you can have when playing in a tournament. BUT, if you get too confident, your opponent will take advantage of your inability to protect yourself

Avoid getting damaged and generally putting yourself in those negative situations by heading over to 4:30

Use old opponent builds when rotating


There’s one thing that you and your opponent’s have in common: you all have to rotate to the next safe zone. If they build into the next zone, there’s a very low chance they’re hanging around their old builds. Use those old builds to get yourself a free pass into the next zone

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Not only will you be saving yourself the builds, but you’re also rotating through fully build walls (you aren’t as likely to be targeted)

Watch the full video to see the endgame tips alongside a deeper dive into the tips we discussed in this text guide. Follow us on Twitter for more educational guides!

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