A Novel Solution for a Sweat-Free Summer: Dermadry's FDA Cleared Anti-Sweat Device

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  • A Novel Solution for a Sweat-Free Summer: Dermadry's FDA Cleared Anti-Sweat Device

    LOS ANGELES, CA, June 21, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — With the looming high temperatures and humidity levels, people are exceedingly and furiously looking for a solution to their excessive sweating, as a way to prevent sweat stains, physical discomfort, and social embarrassment. Many have turned their backs on traditional antiperspirants that require a constant application and do not provide adequate protection on warm and humid days, and are bracing themselves for a long sweat-filled summer. However, thanks to alternatives on the market, this doesn’t have to be the case. No matter what your plans are this summer, a sweat-free summer can be a reality.

Treatment options for hyperhidrosis have long been ineffective, cost-prohibitive, risky, and/or dangerous. Iontophoresis has long been a favored treatment option by healthcare professionals due to its affordability, simplicity, convenience, and efficiency. Thanks to Dermadry’s newly FDA-cleared home-use iontophoresis device, treating hyperhidrosis has never been easier.

Iontophoresis technology works by directing a mild current through the skin, which neutralizes the connection between the nerves and sweat glands. During treatment, a home-use device, like Dermadry, is plugged into an energy source, and an ionized current is delivered to the skin using tap water as a conductor. Dermadry’s all-in-one device that treats excessive sweating of the hands, feet, and underarms, has made injections, aluminum-containing antiperspirants, and prescription medications for excessive sweating a thing of the past.

Enough plans have been disrupted this summer, and sweating should not get in the way of anymore. There’s already enough on people’s minds without having to dread sweating through their clothes and footwear. A confident sweat-free summer is possible with Dermadry’s 15-to-20 minute treatment sessions that can provide up to six weeks of dryness.

Join the sweat-free summer movement, and ditch your antiperspirant in favor of a treatment that will help you look and feel their best all summer long.

Dermadry is a Canadian medical device company headquartered in Montreal, Quebec. They manufacture an FDA cleared iontophoresis device that treats hyperhidrosis, a medical condition characterized by excessive sweating. They are committed to educating the public on the condition and improving the lives of the millions affected worldwide. Learn more at dermadry.com and on social media @dermadry.

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