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ABBA news: Bjorn Ulvaeus speaks out on making of new songs for 2020 'Wasn't quite ready'

ABBA are to return to the scene in 2020 with brand new music, almost 30 years after the group dissolved. Now legends of pop music, ABBA formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 1972 and smashed charts all over the world with hits like Waterloo and Dancing Queen. They will be releasing two brand new songs later this year, with more to follow.

In fact, the comeback tracks were recorded a while ago, Björn revealed in a recent interview with the Financial Times.

“We recorded them quite some time ago, actually one-and-a-half years ago,” he said.

Björn has partnered with a new software programme, Session, which registers contributions to recordings in real time and therefore helps sort out the messy area of music rights.

Session is now part of Pro-Tools, which many musicians and producers use all over the world but wasn’t used for recording the upcoming ABBA songs.


Asked if the as-yet unreleased tracks were recorded using Session, the ABBA legend replied: “No, because it wasn’t quite ready.”

Now it’s up and running, however, the handful more songs yet to be recorded for the band’s return to the music scene will utilise the software.

In an interview with Swedish press, shared by ABBA Talk, Björn’s writing partner and fellow ABBA star Benny Andersson previously spoke about when fans could expect new music to drop.

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“They’re coming this year,” he said of the two new songs. “I’m guessing after the summer.

“Some people give up when they have a great chorus,” he continued. “They think the verse is not that important. But we never worked that way.

“We try to emulate The Beatles in that respect that every part of the song is important, every instrumental, every little backing vocal, every note is important.

“So that’s how we worked and it’s instinct, you know, that ‘yes, this is it’, you just know.”

In the years since ABBA disbanded, their music has been adapted for a stage musical, Mamma Mia! and, in 2008, a movie of the same name.

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