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Accept with a true heart


LIFE is a fabric in which the threads are woven to produce a fine and intricate tapestry. The beauty is lost when one looks only at a single thread.

The fabric of life is multi-coloured, just as the universe is diverse; yet feelings, emotions, desires and dreams are quite similar all over the world.

When one learns to see everyone as a brother or sister who feels joy and pain much in the same way as one does, the outer garment – the cloaks of race, religion and colour – fade into insignificance.

This is acceptance with a true heart. Take football, for example: it attracts worldwide attention and makes countless people happy because the ball itself belongs to all – to both the players and the spectators.

Likewise, the globe belongs to us all and we must take good care of it.

We become more compassionate in our outlook and start accepting others for who they are. The more we are able to accept, the sooner we find that there is harmony in our relationships.

Always keep your heart open to all possibilities. Be prepared and be alert.

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Bridget Menezes is the author of Second Edition of Self-Empowerment and Spiritual Counsellor. Readers can email her at lifestyle.bridget@ thesundaily.com.

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