Home Travel Airport becomes first in UK to enforce coronavirus thermal checks on passengers

Airport becomes first in UK to enforce coronavirus thermal checks on passengers

Airport becomes first in UK to enforce coronavirus thermal checks on passengers 1

The move comes after the Government chose to not screen incoming passengers. The airport is the first in the UK to announce the implement of new checks thanks to cameras that can record body temperatures.

When a passenger’s body temperature is high, the device alerts border guards who operate them to anyone with a fever.

The gadgets have been installed by the airport’s staff entrance but they will soon be fixed at every entrance to the airport’s departures and arrivals terminals.

Thanks to the new technology, security guards will be able to stop and isolate passenger who might present coronavirus symptoms before they board a plane.

The new measure will help airlines as they will not need to enforce social distancing.

If airlines start implementing social distancing measures it could push up ticket prices 50 percent, industry leaders have warned.

The move by Bournemouth Airport – which is transited by 800,000 passengers per year – is contrary to the Government’s decision to not check passengers’ temperatures.

The Daily Mail reported that the chief of Heathrow had contacted Health Secretary Matt Hancock calling for a set of strict screening measures.

Some of the measures included temperature checks, antibody tests and a requirement that all passengers carry health documents proving they are healthy.

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According to ministers, the UK receives around 15,000 passengers per day.

Travellers do not currently face any health checks upon arrival, and are only handed Covid-19 information leaflets.

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However, airport bosses are worried that the absence of checks makes the UK’s airports appear more dangerous than others around the world.

Other airports around the world have enforced stringent measures to identify and isolate passengers showing Covid-19 symptoms.

At least two other airports are interested in using the same “thermal fever detection” devices that are being employed at Bournemouth, The Mail understands.

Last week, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said the screening policy around airports is “under review” and may be modified in the future.

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