Alastair Campbell confronts BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg and tells her to ‘get a grip’

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The Labour Party’s former spin doctor lashed out at the BBC Political Editor on Twitter after she tweeted that a source close to Cummings confirmed he and his wife went to his parents’ home to self-isolate. But the source said that they did not break government guidance because he and his wife stayed in a separate building.



In an exclusive joint investigation, the Mirror and the Guardian reported that police intervened after receiving a tip-off that Mr Cummings had travelled to his family home in County Durham to self-isolate.

This was despite Boris Johnson having declared a lockdown in England days beforehand on March 23rd.

The rules stated that people would only be allowed to leave the house for limited purposes including shopping for basics, one form of exercise a day, travelling to and from work, but only where absolutely necessary, and medical needs.

Kuenssberg tweeted this morning: “Small number of people in No 10 knew that Cummings had gone to Durham, not stayed in London – seems it was his sister who had offered to help with childcare when he and his wife fell ill.”

Alastair Campbell confronts BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg and tells her to ‘get a grip’

Alastair Campbell hit out at the BBC Political Editor. (Image: Getty)

Alastair Campbell confronts BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg and tells her to ‘get a grip’

Laura Kuenssberg tweeted the news this morning. (Image: Twitter )

But Campbell hit back and said: “Sources close to Dominic Cummings’ oh ffs get a grip Laura Kuenssberg.”

The Downing Street advisor is alleged to have been present at his family home when police from Durham Constabulary turned up on March 31, following a call from someone reporting they had seen Mr Cummings in the area.

The force confirmed in a statement that officers had spoken to the owners of an address in the city after reports a person had travelled there from London.

Pressure has grown on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to sack his closest aide after the allegations emerged.

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Alastair Campbell confronts BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg and tells her to ‘get a grip’

Dominic Cummings travelled up to Durham on March 31st. (Image: Getty)

SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford MP said the aide’s position was “completely untenable”.

He said: “He must resign or be sacked, I think what should have happened by now is that Dominic Cummings should have gone.

“What I find interesting…is that (according to some reports) members of Downing Street knew about this so, first and foremost, Boris Johnson has serious questions to answer over what now appears to be a cover-up.”

Sir Ed Davey, acting leader of the Liberal Democrats, called for Mr Cummings to quit over the allegations, while a spokesman for Labour said: “The British people do not expect there to be one rule for them and another rule for Dominic Cummings.”

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Alastair Campbell confronts BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg and tells her to ‘get a grip’

Boris Johnson introduced the lockdown measures on March 23rd. (Image: Getty)

Mr Cummings rose to notoriety in politics, first as an adviser to Michael Gove and then as campaign director at the official Brexit group Vote Leave.

Boris Johnson appointed Mr Cummings to his top team as a senior adviser at Number 10 when he became Prime Minister in the summer of 2019.

The appointment of the abrasive former campaign director was controversial, given he was found to be in contempt of Parliament earlier in the year for refusing to give evidence to MPs investigating misinformation.

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