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Alex Jones hits out at Alex Scott in awkward The One Show moment: ‘Don’t come too close!’

This week marks Mental Health Awareness week and now more than ever is a time to check up on loved ones. 

Alex Jones and Alex Scott opened the BBC show yesterday by reminding their viewers to be kind during this time and to check up on your family and friends regularly.

Scott began: “Hello and welcome to your Tuesday One Show with Alex Jones.

“Can I just say Al I love your hair today, you’ve changed it up.”

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She said: “My kindness to people is not to bake any cakes for them because they are horrible.

“It’s fine when it tastes good but looks rubbish, but mine looks terrible and tastes terrible. 

Jo is partnering up with The Big Lunch, which before the lockdown was meant to bring together people that were lonely and get people chatting. 

Obviously the plans for The Big Lunch were thrown into turmoil, but that just made them more determined to carry on and help those who are isolated at home alone and might be struggling. 

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