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GOOGLE has announced the launch of AT&T TV in the US, a service that puts all your cable tv channels in the same place as your Android TV content – no need to switch remotes or HDMI channels.

While having to switch HDMI channels or remotes isn’t especially difficult to do when users want to move from watching cable TV to watching content through apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime or YouTube, it can be a bit of a hassle trying to remember where all your shows are – whether they are DVR-ed, are on live TV, or are available to be streamed on-demand. Therefore, to simplify the user experience, Google has revealed AT&T TV.

AT&T TV is a TV subscription service that puts everything– Android TV content and live TV channels – in one place. It comes in the form of a box with Chromecast built-in and ships with a dedicated remote that supports the Google Assistant. In addition to watching cable or streamed content, users can also download more apps like Pandora through the Google Play Store.

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The service can likewise be accessed on your iOS or Android-powered smartphone and tablet or a computer.- AFP

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