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Andrew Neil savages Labour over bumper Budget ‘Government's parked its tanks on YOUR lawn'

Labour shadow minister John McDonnell was stunned when BBC’s Andrew Neil shut his criticisms of the Government’s new Budget down. Chancellor Rishi Sunak had surprised political commentators when he revealed the Government’s spending plan which was a clear departure from the usual Conservative line. Mr McDonnell tried to attack the budget for its similarities to his opposition party’s ideological stance.

Mr Neil told the MP: “You could even argue that a lot of what was being proposed today could have been done two or three years ago.

“They could have started doing this and not waited until now.

“But in a sense that’s water under the bridge. We are where we are.

“It seems that on so many areas, the Government has parked its tanks on your lawn now.”

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Mr McDonnell defended his argument: “What I’m saying is to learn the lesson from the NHS, but transfer that to social care.

“If you don’t tackle the social care crisis, we’re going to have real problems, not just immediately, but for a long time.

“Learn the lessons of what you’ve done over the last 10 years.

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“Because when you put a service into crisis like that, if you turn the taps on quickly, it’s very difficult to rebuild that service.”

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