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Angela Merkel hits out at China's lack of 'transparency' as fury grows over coronavirus

There are concerns Beijing has not been completely transparent about the pandemic when began at the end of last year. The German Chancellor’s demands comes as President Donald Trump has warned China there would be consequences if they were “knowingly responsible”. Scientists in China have said COVID-19 began when wild animals were sold at a market in Wuhan.

In Berlin yesterday, Ms Merkel said: “I believe the more transparent China is about the origin story of the virus, the better it is for everyone in the world in order to learn from it.”

It came just a day after Germany’s leading tabloid Bild demanded £130billion in compensation from China over the coronavirus crisis.

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Last week Wuhan admitted mistakes had been made regarding the figures given to record the number of deaths and they increased the figure by 50 per cent.

Chinese authorities waited almost a week before admitting COVID-19 was a serious issue and most likely a pandemic.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has admitted China must face “hard questions”.

The World Health Organisation has insisted China has been transparent throughout the outbreak.

President Donald Trump has sparked criticism for calling COVID-19 ‘the China virus’ and along with other countries has insisted there must be an investigation into the source of the outbreak.

He has said: “Let’s see what happens with their investigation. But we’re doing investigations also.

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The Chinese Foreign Ministry denied this and said: “The head of the World Health Organization has repeatedly stated that there hasn’t been any evidence pointing to the virus being lab-created.

“Many renowned medical experts around the world have also described theories such as ‘lab leaks’ as lacking any scientific proof.”

China has also made it clear countries should be working together rather than finding a blame.

The Foreign Ministry said: “The virus is the common enemy of all mankind and may appear at any time in the world.

“Like many other countries, China was attacked by this virus. We are the victim instead of the culprit.”

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