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App to Cure From Premature Ejaculation Ways to Solve the Problem

The condition affects an approximate 30 percent of people, and Medical Journal defines it
in around one to three minutes from the start of penetration as an ejaculation.
Some people may encounter this periodically, but it is treated as a concern when it occurs all or almost all of the time.
There aren’t many simple approaches to the issue-but a revolutionary spray on opioid addiction has recently been released.

But for those seeking to stop opioid usage, a new program has been released that promises to be able to teach people to tackle the issue.
Named Pea, Brennen Belich created the device at the age of 23, and suffered from PE itself.

Designed as a simulation, the simulated sex therapist of the app directs users through lessons on kegel, arousal management and masturbation preparation.

The app’s website says: “Practicing arousal management right from the outset, well when you talk about sex, can help you last longer.

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The app works by getting users to play games either alone or with a partner

“During sleep, or during intercourse with a girlfriend, you should do this.” Speaking to Product Hunt, Brennen said: “Just think of it as preparation for a competition.

“If you want to be able to run steadily for 30 minutes, you wouldn’t practice for two minutes
by sprinting, getting bored and giving up.” The Pea app releases next week, but you may sign up now.

pea appGet Pea

The Pea app interface will look something like this

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