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Apple fans get sneak peek at biggest surprise from Galaxy S20 Unpacked event

One of the biggest surprises planned for Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy Unpacked hardware event, which will be held in San Francisco next week, has been unveiled a little earlier than planned… thanks to arch-rival Apple.

A listing for an iPhone app designed to help sync and pair the second-generation of Samsung’s AirPod competitors, known as Samsung Galaxy Buds+, landed on the App Store earlier than planned – revealing some key details about the as-yet unannounced products. Not only has the app confirmed the existence of the Buds+ but it also reveals some details about the wireless earbuds that hadn’t been rumoured until now. 

According to the iOS app, Galaxy Buds+ will only work on iPhone 7 or newer.

You’ll also need to be running iOS 10 or higher to sync with the earbuds. Included in the listing are a number of screenshots that showcase what the app can do. And the images reveal a hint at the new design. From the look of the images, the charging case will have a very similar design to the first generation earbuds.

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Samsung uses a pill-shaped case that places the two earbuds side-by-side. It’s a little longer than the standard AirPods case and comparable to the carry case that comes with the Jaybird Vista. Like the first-generation Galaxy Buds, the charging case is tipped to come with the ability to recharge wirelessly on any Qi standard charging mat.

However, unlike the first-generation Buds, the Galaxy Buds+ are widely-rumoured to come with an impressive battery life. Some reports point to 12-hours on a single charge – more than enough to last an entire long-haul flight without a top-up. Unfortunately, the latest rumours suggest there will be no active noise-cancellation.

That means the Galaxy Buds+ will not be able to stand toe-to-toe with the likes of the Apple AirPods Pro, which only manages to match the original AirPods in terms of battery life – but adds the ability to tune out ambient noise using the built-in microphone.

Reports claim the Galaxy Buds+ will also be able to pair with multiple devices at once, so you won’t have to unfair the earbuds as you move between a tablet and your smartphone, for example.

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