Apple is planning iMac and MacBook Pro redesigns: why your Mac will look very outdated

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Apple is planning iMac and MacBook Pro redesigns: why your Mac will look very outdated 1

Apple is updating its iMac design to squeeze a larger display into the unibody design – a trick that it’s also purportedly bringing to its entry-level MacBook Pro in the coming months, according to a new report out of China. Unlike some of its rivals, the global pandemic doesn’t seem to have impacted Apple’s release schedule, with the US company debuting two new iPad Pro models, Magic Keyboard accessories for both, and a new affordable iPhone SE within the last few weeks.

And that pace could be set to continue in the coming months if the latest reports around the as-yet unannounced products are to be believed. Japanese blog Mac Okatara highlighted a story from The China Times, which claims Apple plans to kickstart mass production of a new 23-inch iMac model sometime during the third financial quarter of this year. For reference, Apple’s third-quarter usually ends sometime in June – so that suggests we’re not far away from the iMac production ramping up.

Although Apple updated its iMac lineup last year, bringing an 8-core ninth-generation Intel processor into the all-in-one desktop machine as well as a graphics boost, the outer shell of the iMac hasn’t received the same love and attention. In fact, the look of the iMac has remained unchanged since 2012 when Apple removed the disc drive and thinned the body of the computer.

Given that Apple has slimmed the bezels on its iPhone smartphone range, iPad, MacBook Air and 16-inch MacBook Pro, it makes sense the Cupertino company is looking to bring the same treatment to its iMac – which still has colossally chunky borders around the screen in comparison to other products in Apple’s portfolio.

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iMac is currently available in 21.5- and 27-inch models. If the reports are accurate and Apple plans to offer a machine with a 23-inch screen, it’s extremely likely that this will have the same physical footprint as the current 21.5-inch model. It could also mean Apple is planning to shrink the bezels in the 27-inch variant to offer an even bigger screen size.

Sources also suggest Apple hopes to launch a new 14-inch MacBook Pro as soon as possible. As it stands, the 13.3-inch MacBook Pro remains the only laptop in the line-up with the controversial Butterfly-style mechanism keyboard. This design, which was supposed to be more stable for fast-typing and slimmer to enable svelte new hardware designs, has been plagued with reliability issues.

Apple offers out-of-warranty repairs for any troubles encountered with the keyboard design. With the launch of the redesigned MacBook Air and 16-inch MacBook Pro, Apple debuted a new Magic Keyboard that – in a nutshell, reverses the last five years – returning to the scissor key mechanism and inverted T-shape design of the arrow keys.

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