Home Celebrity Apryl Jones: Omarion Only Pays $700 In Child Support

Apryl Jones: Omarion Only Pays $700 In Child Support

Omarion Visits The Pool After Dark At Harrah's Resort
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She also added that she wishes him the best even though he may not do the same for her.

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“I’ve let go of Omari. To get through that marriage, it took me a year and a half. It was my life’s hardest breakup, so I left it where it was. I’ve been through this recovery. I left where it was. I don’t think like that. I don’t want to wish him evil because he’s my children’s father at the end of the day. I don’t want anything but the best. I want him to succeed in life, I want him to find a woman who will love him, and that will be good for my children. And I’d tell him that. Sadly, sometimes men can’t handle it when you get into a new situation, or when you’re succeeding in your existence.”

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