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ASDA is selling full HD smart TVs at a low price you'll find hard to believe

Here’s the full list of features included on this smart TV.

The Polaroid 40” full HD smart TV includes: Instant access to YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Prime Video and Netflix, Bluetooth Audio Link, Smart Control App, Integrated Wi-Fi, two HDMI 2.0 compatible. and one USB points.

This TV is also fully wall mountable. It’s worth noting that this is not a 4K television so it won’t be as pin-sharp as some more expensive TVs but if you’re worried about having that better picture quality this is a good deal.

For those that do want 4K, there are some other new TVs that have also gone on sale at very reasonable prices.

The latest Toshiba UL20 4K HDR TVs are now available from Amazon, AO, Curry’s and Very starting from £299.

Not only do they feature an impressive picture on the display but you also get voice control, Dolby Vision and Toshiba TRU Picture Engine.

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