Home Celebrity Ashley Mattingly dead: Former Playboy model dies aged 33

Ashley Mattingly dead: Former Playboy model dies aged 33

Former Playboy model Ashley Mattingly has died aged 33, TMZ reports. The model was found dead at her home on Friday April 17.

According to the news website, Ashley’s sister Christy, and twin brother Billy, said she took her own life and left a suicide note.

It was reported that a friend of the model called the Austin Police Department to check up on her as she was not responding to messages.

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She was believed to have died on Wednesday April 15.

According to her family, she moved to Austin to recover after struggling with alcohol abuse.

TMZ were told she had “demons” but she was “trying to get her life back on track”.

The publication said that the city’s shelter-in-place order didn’t help her loneliness so she recently adopted a 9-month old golden retriever puppy named Miss Jean, as a companion.

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In a statement to People, her siblings said: “We learned late Thursday night that it is believed that our dear sister with a larger-than-life personality took her own life.

“Ashley moved closer to home a couple years ago and was living in Austin. It’s maybe no secret that Ashley struggled with alcohol and substance abuse, but she wanted to and was working toward getting better.

“We are now loving on her sweet golden retriever puppy that she recently adopted to overcome these demons,” their statement continues.

“A friend, whom we are thankful for, called the police for a wellness check and she was found unresponsive her in home.

“As part of an ongoing investigation, the police have notes that we are told she left behind and we are anxious to read them.

She first become involved with the luxury lifestyle through friend and photographer Josh Ryan.

At the time, she recalled her luck: “I had done a shoot with Josh, and I asked him to submit the pictures,” she said.

“Two weeks later, a Playboy rep called and told me that I was Miss March. I couldn’t believe it.”

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Before moving to Texas, Ashley divided her time between the Beverly and Holmby Hills, hanging at home with her cats or at the Mansion with her fellow Playmates.

“I love working with Playboy. Being a Playmate has changed my life. I get to travel, meet new people and try new things – I’m busier than I’ve ever been in my life, and I’ve never been happier.”

Her twin brother Billy, mourned the tragic loss on Facebook, remembering Ashley as a “rockstar” and “beauty queen”.


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