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Astrology signs: The hidden zodiac YOU need to know about

Ophiuchus is nestled between Scorpio and Sagittarius in the astrological zodiac wheel.

And as a result, the rest of the zodiac would also have to shift to account for Ophiuchus.

Therefore, people’s horoscopes may be totally different to what they think.

Express.co.uk explains where to find Ophiuchus, its mythology, and the science behind this hidden zodiac.

The most important thing to note is astrological signs are distinct from astronomical constellations.

For example, the Sun resides in Sagittarius from November 21 to December 21.

However, in the present-day sky, the Sun is in front of the astronomical constellation Ophiuchus from November 30 to December 18.

In both instances, the zodiac concerns the narrow band of stars on the stellar sphere through which the Sun, Earth’s Moon and the rest of the solar systems travel.

The zodiac runs astride the ecliptic, which is the Sun’s yearly pathway in front of the stellar backdrop.

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Ophiuchus is best observed during the summer for stargazers in the Northern Hemisphere summer or the Southern Hemisphere’s winter.

For those in the UK, this constellation is seen high in the southern sky at nightfall and early evening between July and August.

And Ophiuchus is visible in the southwest sky on autumn evenings in the Northern Hemisphere.

As a result, this would mean those born between November 29 to December 17 would be assigned to the sign of Ophiuchus instead of being Scorpios or Sagittarians.

These two signs are currently in charge of Ophiuchan’s purported birth dates.

Because Ophiuchus’ position fits in between Scorpio and Sagittarius, the controversial constellation’s personality traits are considered to be hybrid of the two.

Like Scorpio, Ophiuchus is intense, sexual and a little jealous.

And like Sagittarius, Ophiuchus is also thought as passionate, energetic and a little lucky.

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