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SPIED: BMW M4CSL Tested with Funky Grille & New Spoiler

Spy photos have shown a BMW M3 or M4 model with more aerodynamics than stock. Many fans have wondered about the car’s nature. They were either CS models or CSL. The spy photos reveal yet another aggressive M4, but we now know what it is: the BMW M4 CSL. We don’t have the spy photos, but they can be viewed here.

The ducktail spoiler is the reason we know that it’s the BMW M4 CSL. Our sources say there will be two M4 models with higher performance: M4 CS (higher-performance model) and M4 CSL (lower performance model). The latter will feature a ducktail spoiler so it’s a giveaway. This test mule is showcasing the BMW M4 CSL spoiler.

We are a little puzzled by another feature of this test mule. We have never before seen an insert inside the irradiated bear-tooth grille. The insert looks like it has just two horizontal bars. One is in the upper grille, the other in the lower. Both have small “Y” shapes at the ends. Although we don’t yet know whether this is a finalized design, it must be at the very least on BMW’s list of possible designs. It’s unlikely that BMW will manufacture any grille inserts it doesn’t seriously consider making.

Photo by

Because there are only two horizontal bars in the grille, we assume that BMW will claim it is needed for engine cooling. This seems unlikely considering the fact that many cars with similar or greater power outputs have smaller frontal openings. It’s a design change for the CSL, which I personally feel is merely. Or, it could be a change in design direction for the CSL. I already hear complaints from enthusiasts.

The BMW M4 CSL will be faster, lighter, sharper, and more aggressive than the E46 M3 CSL, but that’s all we know. Despite being the first CSL-model BMW M4 CSL since the E46 E46 CSL, we can bet our asses that it will thrill us to test drive, funky grille and all.

Source: Autoblog

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G-Power is bringing a lot power to IAA 2021. Pun intended

G-Power doesn’t have a reputation for being timid. G-Power’s projects are often characterized by extreme looks and frightening power numbers. The German tuning firm went a little wild recently with a few different Bimmers. Both are displayed at the 2021 IAA, G-Power G8M Hurricane RS and G5M Hurricane RS. BMW’s M8 range has set a high standard. The M8 is powered by a 4.4-liter V8 TwinTurbo motor and produces 625 HP in the standard version. It can sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.2 seconds.

Quirin Schoen

G-Power offers two power upgrade options to help you increase your power and performance. The power output is increased to 840 HP and 1,050 Nm (774 Lb-ft) respectively. Stage 1. The next power upgrade increases the horsepower by 900. All models are eligible for the tuning package: M8 coupe or convertible, and M8 Gran Coupe.

Quirin Schoen

Upgraded turbochargers are equipped with bigger intakes to increase power. A new exhaust is available with CNC-milled housings and sport catalytic converters. The ECU mapping was also upgraded. The more powerful version includes forged pistons, a larger cooling package and modified connecting rods. It also has a strengthened drivetrain. New and adjustable coilovers lower the suspension to handle increased power and provide a smooth ride.

G-Power G5M

The second model displayed – G5M – comes with a G-Power Venturi Carbon bonnet, an extra carbon fiber lip on the boot lid and new G-Power wheels among other things. Under the sheet metal, the technical modifications are a bit more complicated. The car got new downpipes, new turbos, a new exhaust system and a new ECU map, of course. The end result shows incredible numbers. The dyno run puts the G-Power G5M Hurricane RS in line with supercars. According to the readout, the engine is making 853 HP now along with 1,182 Nm of torque. Just unbelievable figures! Out of those, about 700 HP could be measured at the wheels, making this an incredibly powerful sedan for those looking for ludicrous amounts of power and eye-watering speeds.

The G-Power brothers on display at 2021 IAA look extravagant and outlandish but they are still extremely powerful. See em in the photo gallery.

[Photos: Quirin Schoen]

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The 2021 BMW X5 is stunning in British Racing Green Color

Although the standard BMW X5 may not be one of the most interesting cars on the BMW lineup, it’s certainly one of its best-looking models. With its great proportions and a well-sized grille, the X5 looks elegant. The X5’s particular example, which is finished in a beautiful British Racing Green, looks great and shows how stylish a regular X5 can be.

British Racing Green is a well-known color in the auto industry. However, it can be found in many variations. Although the name conjures up images of older Jaguars and Aston Martins rather than BMWs, this color looks fantastic on this large, German SUV.

Ironically, this specific car comes not from Britain but from the United States. More specifically, it comes from BMW of Manhattan, which always has a great selection of BMWs painted in Individual colors. British Racing Green wouldn’t have been my first choice prior to seeing this car but now that I have seen it, I don’t really want any other color for an X5.

The interior of the BMW Cognac Leather was chosen to complement the British Racing Green exterior. This is the traditional British colour scheme: green, with a tan/brown interior. This is a classic color combination that’ll always look great.

The beauty of this color combo is it makes a relatively common car feel far more special. Countless X5s flood the streets of American suburbia but almost all of them are monochromatic; black, white, and grey. However, getting a BMW X5 with a color combo like this one will not only help it stand out among the sea of boring looking X5s but it will also make the ownership experience even better. Walking out to your British Racing Green X5 in the morning will give you that small, visual dopamine hit to make you smile before your ride to work. That’s well worth the extra cost of the BMW Individual paint.

[Photos by BMW Manhattan]

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James Bond’s excitement fuels classic car demand models give drivers big returns

James Bond's excitement fuels classic car demand
models give drivers big returns

No Time To Die will release September 30th. It is the 25th th installment of James Bond’s James Bond series. Daniel Craig returns as Bond 007 in the last movie. The release of the film had been scheduled for April 2020. However, massive delays have occurred due to the pandemic.

Reuben Smith was the founder of PrestigeDriverApp and he helped to popularize the Bond-themed cars.

The film was a classic.

Aston Martin, despite the fact that Bond was driving a Bentley in Ian Fleming’s original books, is the most closely associated car manufacturer with the movies.

Over the years, the franchise has featured many models, including V8, V12 Vanquish, and custom DB10.

We have noticed searches for Bond’s favourite car brands (including Aston Martins, Lotus, BMW, and even Bentleys), increase over the last 30 days, as the excitement around the film builds.

Buyers could be right – The classic car market could explode if the right vehicle is purchased and maintained in good shape. This could make prestige cars, especially those that are associated with James Bond, more attractive than property, art, or gold.

When you’re looking to invest in cars, there are many factors to consider. These include your budget and how you plan to use the car. Also, whether you want something rare and unique or an old-fashioned vehicle that you can use every day.

You might be interested in investing in something you can repair – then you’re more likely to purchase through an auction.

The app also features classic Bond cars, such as a 1986 Aston Martin V8 Volante that can be sold for nearly PS200,000.

There were only 849 Volantes made. The convertible Volante was very similar to Timothy Dalton’s car in The Living Daylights, 1987 Bond movie.

Victor Gauntlett, former Chairman of Aston Martin, described the V8 as a “stylish thoroughbred”, luxuriously built, luxurious, fast, and extremely safe. The Volante convertible was one of several variations.

The Lotus Esprit X180 Bond car, which is slightly less expensive, can also be purchased for approximately PS31,995.

The fourth-generation, pacific Blue Lotus Esprit retains the same classic lines as the 1977 model. This was made popular in Spy Who Love Me.

Peter Stevens (famous designer of McLaren F1) designed the X180. It brought the Esprit up-to-date, softening its angular lines.

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Latest numbers about the microchip shortage Estimate gets worse

With global production cuts significantly increasing this month, the auto industry continues its struggle for sufficient supplies of semiconductors.

AutoForecast Solutions has released a revised estimate that automakers are now eliminating 8.2 million vehicles and trucks from their production schedules due to microchip shortage. This is an increase of around 888,000 vehicles compared with the AFS estimate one week ago.

AFS predicts that 9.4 Million vehicles will be lost worldwide due to the shortage of chip technology.

The worst case scenario has increased by almost 55 percent compared to AFS’s estimate of two months ago.

The shortage stems from a rising competition for manufacturing capacity, mainly due to the increased demand for consumer electronics chips. The resurgence COVID-19 has caused work force problems and increased supply pressure in the last few weeks. In response to the rising number of coronavirus cases in Asia, chip production plants in Asia (especially in Malaysia) have had to be shut down.

Source: AutoForecast Solutions Inc.

AutoForecast Solutions Inc.

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Cadillac Lyriq starts brand’s new overhaul

Cadillac Lyriq starts brand's new overhaul

DETROIT — Cadillac has set a new tone in design with its Lyriq electric car, which will serve as a launchpad for their plan to get rid of internal combustion engines by 2030.

This crossover will be released early next year. It is the latest in a series of reinventions that have been a success or failure for General Motors Luxury brand. The conversion to all EVs will not be an easy transformation. Brand leaders must execute well.

The new battery architecture gave the Lyriq an elegant, low-profile look by allowing designers to borrow embellishments from Cadillac’s past while also allowing them styling freedom. The designers added details such as a liner jewelry drawer and an elegant cantilever console that was inspired by grand balconies. Every component of this midsize crossover, and future Cadillac EVs, is original. This crossover won’t be sharing parts with Chevrolet Buick, GMC or Buick.

Andrew Smith, Cadillac Global Design’s executive director, stated that Cadillacs are a strategy. This really does mean that there is a Cadillac component set and a shared strategy. There’s even a Cadillac manufacturing strategy.

For the Lyriq launch edition, Cadillac will be opening customer reservations on Saturday, September 18. Cadillac will transition to the traditional dealer allocation model after all reservations have been taken.

Cadillac displayed its design ambitions with the Escala concept vehicle, which was unveiled at the 2016 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Smith stated that the Lyriq was the next step.

Cadillac was able to create the Lyriq using GM’s Ultium battery technology with stackable pouches. They are flat beneath the floor.

Smith stated, “This car is pushed to the corners.” It has the perfect dash-to-axle ratio that we love and a strong stance. This is the car that we have always wanted to drive, and now it’s possible.

The Lyriq will be the first EV-powered Cadillac in the new generation. However, the designers do not want their customers to mistakenly think of it as an EV. Smith stated that “Cadillac should be the first thing to come to your mind.”

To accelerate the adoption of EVs, Stephanie Brinley (principal analyst, IHS Markit) said that they must be accessible. She said, “It should be something people can envision themselves in today.” Cadillac is a good example of that.

The Lyriq does not have a cargo area underneath the hood like other EVs on the market. This is known as a “funk”. Cadillac instead rearranged parts to create a large storage space in the back, which is where the trunk would be on a sedan. A 12.volt battery and an onboard charger module of 19.2 kilowatts are found at the front.

Smith stated, “I wanted it to feel as normal as possible. Just better.” The cargo volume that you will see is huge. We’ve packed any modules we haven’t used yet in the front.

In other aspects, the Lyriq stands out from petrol-powered cars.

Cadillac engineers wanted the Lyriq’s grille to be more distinctive than standard. The front is equipped with sensors hidden behind a black-painted finish. The lighting choreography starts with the Cadillac Crest in the middle and continues across the length of the car as the driver approaches it.

Although the Lyriq retains some of its traditional branding cues but Cadillac has distinguished the Lyriq by “the way they’re using lighting in order to express the modernity and how it’s leading to the next phase for Cadillac,” Brinley stated.

Designers placed emphasis on space and personal touches in the Lyriq. To make the Lyriq more spacious, they repackaged HVAC systems and moved airbags. A lined space near the driver can hold a bag, a grocery bag or a jewelry box. Tristan Murphy (manager of Cadillac interior design) said that the additional storage was possible because of an unusual console design inspired from cantilever balconies.

We pulled images from fictitious buildings with long, cantilever balconies. He said that it’s very dramatic and exciting to see such a thing. It was then that the team wondered, “How can we invoke those same emotions, even subconsciously, that will give you drama?”

Lyriq seat controls are located on the doors of the Lyriq, not the sides. This was a difficult engineering task, but it allows for larger seats and makes driving easier.

Numerous Cadillac emblems can be found throughout the Lyriq. Designers visited GM’s Heritage Center for inspiration.

Brinley stated that knowing more about your possessions’ history can make you feel part of the club. These little details communicate a keen eye for detail. These little bits communicate passion for the brand’s work and a genuine interest in it.

Six ducklings were featured on the Cadillac original 1902 Cadillac Crest. These are known as Merlettes. Three merlettes are etched in the Lyriq’s driver’s panel, and three on its passenger side.

It’s a wink, a wink to the past. There are so many startup companies. Murphy said that they are all innovative and fresh. We do actually have an amazing past that we can draw on and still have some fun.

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“We are behind”: European Countries Criticised for E10 Fuel Already using “greener” petrols

"We are behind": European Countries Criticised for E10 Fuel
Already using "greener" petrols

As part of the Government’s push for a more sustainable society, the new petrol was put on forecourts in September. The petrol is made from low-grade sugars, grains and wood and blended with upto 10 percent of renewable ethanol. This makes it more environmentally friendly than the existing gasoline.

It could reduce transport CO2 emissions up to 750,000 tonnes per annum, according to

E10 is a widely used product in the world. The USA has used it since the 1990s.

Dr Mansour Qbeissi, an Associate Professor in the School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Automotive Engineering at Coventry University, spoke out about what might happen after E10. exclusive: He said that there have been numerous studies about renewable energy sources, which can include electricity, heat, transport and heating.

READ MORE: Changes in E10 petrol: The new fuel could cause engine damage with an ethanol mixture

France, the USA and other countries use E15 blends. E85 blends can be used as well.

Dr Qubeissi said, “To be truthful I believe we are behind in this sense.”

This should have been implemented long ago, as many countries around the globe have used it for years.

This can serve as a bridge solution but it is not the final solution when using ethanol in a mixture.

Ethanol may extend the life of oil, and can even reduce petroleum consumption by up to 70%.

According to studies done recently, E10 decreased petroleum consumption by 6.3 percent. This can prove useful over the long-term.

If the engine can be tuned to burn higher levels of petrol, why not?

It has been done in Brazil so it isn’t a new idea. If manufacturers are aware of changes in advance, it is possible to implement the change easily.

“The manufacturers were aware of this change (to E10) a long time ago, so the engines have already been modified to digest this range of fuel blend, by having the right engine management system.”

Qubeissi stated that higher blend fuels should be recommended sooner so that the industry can make the transition to greener fuels.

Pure ethanol can be used to drive cars, as has been proven in Brazil over many years.

Brazil has the largest number of vehicles that run on ethanol from sugarcane, an alternative to petroleum-based fossil fuels.

A mixture of gasoline and ethanol can be used in approximately 27 million vehicles, which is 73 percent.

Brazil’s cars can take 100 percent of ethanol. This is something that the UK cannot do.

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Subaru 2022 WRX launches with flat-four boxer of 267bhp Engine

Subaru 2022 WRX launches with flat-four boxer of 267bhp

Subaru finally revealed the new-generation WRX. Even though Subaru cut ties to the World Rally Championship a while back, the model retains the familiar components that made the car so enjoyable to drive.

The fifth-generation WRX will not be coming to the UK, so UK citizens may have to make extreme efforts to obtain one. The United States is currently the only market for the vehicle.

With the limited edition WRX STi Final Edition, the company has axed its previous-generation WRX model from the UK lineup. It’s highly unlikely we will see this car officially imported due to Subaru’s UK focus on SUVs.

Subaru’s turbocharged flat four petrol engine powers the new WRX, but displacement has been increased from 2.0 litres down to 2.4 litres. The new turbocharging system and this engine produce 267 bhp, 350 Nm torque.

As standard the engine comes with a 6-speed manual transmission, but an option for an 8-speed automatic is available. All versions of the new WRX come standard with four-wheel drive.

Subaru’s new WRX uses the Subaru Global Platform. This platform is also shared with Outback, Levorg, and Forester. The company claims that it brings many distinct improvements to the car’s chassis.

Due to the increased use structural adhesives, the car’s overall rigidity in torsional bending is 28% higher than that of the older model. The suspension struts on the new vehicle are 75% stiffer. Subaru claims that the suspension has a longer stroke, which Subaru believes allows it to cope better with uneven surfaces.

The chassis also includes an adaptive damper, a differential with limited slip and ventilated brakes. You can choose from either 17-inch or 18 inch alloy wheels. Subaru also reduced the weight of the WRX by replacing the car’s old steel front wings with aluminium ones. This saves approximately 2kg.

Subaru’s WRX-style styling elements are still present on the new vehicle. The front bumper is large and has deep sides skirts. There’s also a bonnet scoop that allows air to flow through the intercooler. The quad-exit exhaust from the old WRX makes a comeback at the rear, but it has been paired with a small spoiler on the boot lip.

Recaro’s sports seats are complemented by carbon fiber dashboard trim, flat-bottomed leather steering wheels, and Recaro sport seats. Subaru also installed its 11.6 inch portrait infotainment system. It supports Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto.

You also get a rear view camera, an electric seat adjuster, and an Harman Kardon 11-speaker stereo system. A host of driver aid technology is available to buyers, such as adaptive cruise control, lane departure prevention and an automatic emergency steering assistance system. This works with the precollision brake assist setup in conjunction with the vehicle’s speed limiter.

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BMW i Vision Circular explained and illustrated by the BMW i Chief Of Design

We had the opportunity to view BMW’s new i Vision Circular concept car, which was one of the most unique and interesting BMW vehicles in a long time, while at the 2021 IAA. The unusual design makes it quite controversial, as you can see from our comments. Vision concepts don’t have to be produced. They are visions of the future. Kai Langer from BMW i Design explains more about the BMW i Vision Circular.

Langer talked about how we need to rethink our design and construction of cars as the environment changes. This is why the i Vision Circular was entirely made from recycled materials. All of the steel and aluminum are secondary materials. This means that they have been reused elsewhere and can be used again in the i Vision Circular. It helps to continue the cycle of recycling materials, which is why it got its name.

He also spoke about the design itself, which was meant to create a sense of minimalism. For instance, the front end was intentionally oversimplified, reducing the amount of visual information you normally see on a car. The iconic BMW kidney grilles were repurposed as digital headlights, combining the two features and thus reducing the design elements on the front end. The body wasn’t even painted but given a gold effect, again reducing materials.

The interior is recyclable as well. It can also be made from secondary materials, or material that can be repurposed following use of the i Vision Circular. The interior also has some really cool tech that looks like an alien spacecraft console. It also features the Hofmeister Kink inside.

The BMW i Vision Circular is a unique design that helps create a sustainable future in auto-making. Check out this video to learn more.

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