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BMW M4 Mint Green and M Performance Parts-Odd Choose?

bmw m4 mint green scaled

Recently, we saw photos of the BMW Individual online configurator showing a Mint Green BMW M4 Competition equipped with M Performance components. We were also able to view the car at the 2021 IAA. The experience was akin to meeting lifestyle YouTubers in person, but more thrilling.

The BMW M4 Competition comes in Individual Mint Green, but the wheels are 20″ gold. This is a very unusual combination. It’s not something I love, but it’s working for me. Although it is an unusual choice, I do not think it is a terrible one. The Mint Green paint looks great with all of the contrast accents like the carbon fiber aero and black trim.

Speaking of aero, this M4 Comp also has some M Performance parts. For example, there’s a carbon fiber front splitter, some cute little canards which likely aren’t functional in any way, some new side skirts, and a large fixed rear wing. All off which are carbon fiber and they mostly look good, especially with the Mint Green paint (am I the only one that hears Joe Pesci’s voice, saying “Metallic Mint Green Paint“?).

The new exhaust is one of M Performance’s most interesting and controversial bits. For the BMW M4 Competition, the exhaust has been upgraded to replace the quad pipes at the rear. Instead it features stacked quadpipes that are mounted in the middle. Although it isn’t a terrible look per se, it does not look like a BMW M4 Competition exhaust. We’ve received many conflicting opinions about the design in our articles. It’s not something I dislike, but it is clear why many people prefer the regular setup. The M4 Competition’s new exhaust is controversial on both the front and the back. As all things ought to be, perfectly balanced.

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“It makes it think”: An ex-host of Fifth Gear shares his concerns E10 Fuel has a higher risk of causing damage

"It makes it think": An ex-host of Fifth Gear shares his concerns
E10 Fuel has a higher risk of causing damage

Smith stated that the petrol had “prompted him to think about” the potential dangers of keeping E10 in the tank while the vehicle isn’t being used. Smith is concerned that the new fuel could cause him to have his fuel lines replaced “every other year” and make it a habit of checking for any damage.

The RAC warned classic car owners that they should “leave E10 sat in tank for long periods”

The new fuel can cause damage to seals, metals, and plastics during storage. This could result in costly repairs.

Greg Carter, an AA technical specialist, warned last month that E10 in the fuel tank could pose a risk.

He told “But it’s more to do with leaving the fuel in the engine for a long period of time.

It should be left in its tank and all other fuel incinerated.

If you’re looking for an incompatible vehicle, it might have rubbers in its fuel system.

You don’t want it to be left there if it was supposed to run on E5 but you have accidentally filled it with E10.

Hagerty, a classic car expert said that drivers shouldn’t leave their vehicle in storage once they have filled up with E10 gasoline.

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BMW 3 Series and X3 pave way to electric-first Platform

BMWBLOG had a chance to sit down with Frank Weber (BMW’s Chief Research and Development) during the 2021 IAA. This interview was aimed at shaping the future technical direction of the company. It’s not an easy job, given the unstable times and major changes that are taking place within the auto industry.

We discussed many topics such as sustainability and Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) of product life cycles in terms of sustainability. In addition, the R&D chief spoke to us about the 2025 release of Neue Klasse architecture. As BMW’s response to the electric-first architectures of its competitors, this new platform was unveiled a few months back.

Of course, this is not BMW’s first electric-focused architecture. The BMW i3 was born in 2010 as a purposely-built electric car on a very expensive carbon fiber platform. But compared to the i3 which was and still is a niche car within the BMW lineup, the Neue Klasse will take a different path.

Frank Weber from BMW, Chief of Development says that Neue Klasse does not look like BMW i3. From the start, we will be entering the largest segments of our global fleet: 3 Series and BMW X3. Weber said that the ramp-up was steep. Weber said, “But you’ll notice that we are unable to move all our volumes immediately onto this platform. Neue Klasse aims to transform BMW and its core into this new architecture.

Neue Klasse will see Gen 6 batteries introduced. These will be made with less rare materials and rely on more recycled nickel. Next-generation packs will be more energy dense and have better recharging abilities. They also feature a modular design that makes them suitable for a wide range of EVs.

Oliver Zipse from BMW, CEO, stated that the NK platform would be in use for at most 15 years. It could also be used as long as 20 years. This means it may be retired around 2045.

The 3 Series and X3 will be the first to adopt the EV-centric platform, so it’s not surprising. G20 3 Series will get a facelift in 2022, which could mean a completely new model is available by 2025. The production time for the X3 may be slightly longer than normal, given that it was recently announced. It makes perfect sense from both a sales and marketing perspective for these two models to be the leader.

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2021 IAA: BMW iX3 Facelift debuts in Munich

Despite being a quiet launch, the BMW iX3 is actually the first brand-new EV since its predecessor the i3 in 2014. The launch was not inspired by the lackluster specifications and unimaginative design. It has been redesigned and features a better interior and design. We’re showing you live photos from the all-electric crossover as the facelifted model just debuted at the 2021 IAA Munich.

Here in Munich, we got our first in-person look at the facelifted BMW iX3. Its new looks are certainly better than before and give it an edgier, sportier vibe. It’s still a BMW X3 at its core, so it’s nothing radical or exciting but it is handsome. The new headlights are slick, the kidney grilles are sportier, and its front air intakes are more aggressive.

Under the skin, nothing’s changed, though. It still gets the same 286 horsepower rear-mounted electric motor, with the same 295 lb-ft of torque, making it rear-wheel drive. That motor gets its electrons from the same 80 kWh battery pack, which give it the same 286 miles (460 km) of range.

Although the BMW iX3 is a basic electric vehicle, it has a few key features that make it stand out. The iX3 is as enjoyable to drive as the standard X3 and possibly even more so, has enough range to be decently entertaining, and plenty of power. Although it isn’t fast, it can be enjoyable enough.

BMW sells as many X3s as it does 3 Series sedans (more X3s in some markets), so the iX3 should be a bigger hit than it is. We’re assuming with its slightly new looks; the sportier nip and tuck of the LCI facelift, that it might gain some newfound customers in Europe and China.

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BMW 2 Series: Photos of real life action

g42 bmw 2 series coupe m performance parts 00

A full preview of the M Performance Parts on the BMW 2 Series Coupe is now available. BMWblog published an exclusive set today showing all the aero and aftermarket parts of the G42 2 Series Coupe. Now we are following up with real-life images taken at the BMW Welt.

Up front, you can get some carbon fiber parts, such as the grille trim and the front spoiler. Those carbon fiber bits extend down the sides of the car, giving it some little winglets just ahead of the rear wheels, and to the back where a rear spoiler and faux diffuser can be had as well. Interestingly, carbon fiber M3-style mirrors can be given to the 2 Series as well.

Read More: BMW created a New York Fashion Special iX Model Week

There are a few different wheel options. Two 20″ wheels; one two-tone and one black; and one 18″ option with a black finish. the car shown here features the black wheels with the aftermarket brake system and red calipers. Black stripes are available for the flanks of the car and even the hood.

BMW 2 Series

BMW 2 Series: Photos of real life action BMW 2 Series: Photos of real life action

Inside, there’s an M Performance steering wheel, with Alcantara nine and three o’clock positions, as well as a red twelve o’clock stripe. You can also get the paddle shifters in carbon fiber. Thickly bolstered sport seats feature M Performance badging, what seems to be Alcantara on the seat backs, and some carbon fiber trim on the back of the headrests.

BMW hasn’t officially announced the M Performance Parts for the G42 2 Series Coupe, but history says that they will be available at launch time.

[Photos: Wolfgang Groeger-Meier]

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2021 IAA Photos: BMW IX5 Hydrogen — Staying with Hydrogen

BMW X5 i Hydrogen NEXT 15 of 25

BMW is the only brand that continues to use hydrogen fuel cell technology. While hydrogen fuel cell technology for cars has many benefits, there are also many potential pitfalls. Many automotive companies have abandoned their hydrogen plans in favour of fully battery-electric cars. BMW, however, is one of the few companies that has not abandoned its hydrogen plans. The BMW iX5 Hydrogen, its latest hydrogen vehicle, just debuted at the 2021 IAA Munich.

The BMW iX5 Hydrogen looks very similar from the BMW iX3 on the outside. It’s basically the same car as the BMW iX3, with some modifications and new exhaust tips. Don’t expect much from the design standpoint.

However, under the skin, the iX5 Hydrogen couldn’t be more different from the iX3. It still uses an electric drive unit for propulsion, however it’s more powerful in the iX5 Hydrogen, making 374 horsepower. But rather than power the electric motor with a battery, it uses a hydrogen fuel cell. To store the hydrogen, two 700-bar tanks, made from carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP), are stored where the X5’s gas tank would normally be.

Refill time is the main advantage of hydrogen fuel cells vehicles. The refill time for a hydrogen fuel cell is much shorter than it takes to charge an electric vehicle. There are far fewer charging stations for hydrogen fuel than hydrogen fuel stations. It’s therefore very difficult to find places to fill up.

However, BMW still feels that hydrogen has a future in the automotive industry. While it likely does for long-haul trucks and other commercial vehicles that require faster refill times, BMW feels it’s still a viable solution for passenger cars. If hydrogen fuel does become more popular, the BMW iX5 Hydrogen is a nice place to start.

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EXCLUSIVE: M Performance Parts For The New BMW 2 Series Coupe

BMW has launched a new range of M Performance Parts to fit the 2 Series Coupe, and 2 Series Gran Coupe. We are seeing these parts for the first time on the 2er Coupe.

This is the controversial new BMW 2 Series Coupe. It’s received some positive reviews, but also some harsh criticism. Although it isn’t a terrible design, it is very distinct from other BMW designs. It has single headlights, an unusual grille and blobby taillights. These M Performance parts will help if you are unhappy with the 2 Series Coupe’s lack of aggression.

Up front, you can get some carbon fiber bits, such as grille trim and a front spoiler. Those carbon bits extend down the sides of the car, giving it some little winglets just ahead of the rear wheels, and to the back where a rear spoiler and faux diffuser can be had as well. Interestingly, carbon fiber M3-style mirrors can be given to the 2 Series as well.

You can also get stripes if you love stripes. You can get black stripes for your car’s flanks and the hood. The latter is in a boomerang shape.

There are three options for wheels, as BMW has several. There are two 20-inch wheels, one with black finishes and one in two-tones.

If you want some added spruce to the interior, there are some new options for that as well. For instance, there’s an M Performance steering wheel, with Alcantara nine and three o’clock positions, as well as a red twelve o’clock stripe. You can also get the paddle shifters in carbon fiber.

The interior’s most distinctive feature is its seat upgrade. The thickly cushioned sports seats have M Performance badges. There is some carbon fiber trim at the back and seat backs. They’re not as impressive looking as the M3 or M4 seats, but they are definitely more stylish.

You can also get M Performance badges, an arm rest lid and carbon fiber trim. You can even get little M Performance door locks. Simple.

Whether you love the design or hate it, the new 2 Series Coupe is among the last small, front-engine, rear-wheel drive coupes to come from BMW and, from what we here, it’s going to be great to drive. So if you want to get one, making it special and unique to you might be worth your while. These M Performance Parts can help you do that.

[Photos by BMW]

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“It’s irritating”: Car owners complain about vehicle issues from New E10 gasoline rollout

"It's irritating": Car owners complain about vehicle issues from
New E10 gasoline rollout

E10, which was launched fully on September 1, was distributed to all forecourts in England, Wales, and Scotland. This new petrol contains up to 10% renewable ethanol, and is made from low-grade sugars, grains and waste wood. It’s greener than the existing gasoline.

“I mean I get it’s good for the environment and all that but, what about people that can’t afford new cars.

They charge people who can’t pay high enough to make it affordable.

Another user stated: “Been in contact with my local Audi dealership today as states that if you are unsure, get advice from them.

Only to find out that they don’t know what the Government is doing and go to their website.

“I own two superbikes that I don’t like, but it won’t harm to have a tank of gas.”

E10 will enable the production of more biofuels in bioethanol plants located in the northeastern part of England.

The two large plants will directly provide around 200 jobs for skilled workers. This will increase job opportunities within the area.

The plant will support thousands of people in the local area, including those who supply the necessary feed-wheat to operate it.

Northern Ireland will be the first to adopt the petrol at the start of 2022. The Republic of Ireland is also considering the option.

E10 has been used in large parts of Europe and Australia for years. However, some countries use higher blend fuels such as E15 or E85.

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NEW / REVISED CARS AND CONCEPTS Ford, Toyota and Infiniti, among others

Ford, Toyota and Infiniti, among others

Ford’s Maverick, three years after it dropped sedans in its lineup, hopes that car buyers will be attracted to the new pickup by its compact dimensions and affordable starting price. Above, the Maverick will be priced at $27.850 including shipping. Standard equipment includes a 191 horsepower hybrid powertrain and a 5.9 L/100km fuel consumption rating in the city. A 2.0-litre turbocharged four cylinder engine with 250 horsepower is available. The truck will arrive in showrooms this fall with three trim levels: XL (XLT), XLT, and Lariat.


This fall, the automaker will release its new subcompact crossover. It shares its platform with Corolla’s sedan. The engine’s 169 horsepower four-cylinder is coupled to the continuously variable transmission. Fuel consumption for front-wheel drive is 7.4 L/100 km combined city/highway. The fuel consumption for all-wheel-drive vehicles is 7.8 L/100 km. Tow ratings are 1,500 pounds (705 kilograms). An optional eight-inch touch screen and seven-inch cluster of digital instruments are available. There are three trims: L, LE and XLE.


This midsize crossover is based on the Nissan Pathfinder. The price starts at $54,995 and includes all-wheel drive. Every model comes with a 295 horsepower 3.5-litre V-6 engine, paired with an automatic nine-speed transmission. This replaces the continuously variable unit. Standard equipment includes a 12.3 inch interactive screen with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, and leather-covered seats in the first-and second rows.

2022 LEXUS X

This redesigned crossover will move onto the TNGA C platform, the same as the RAV4 crossover. It will also be made in Canada. The first plug-in hybrid version is also available. NX450h+ boasts a 2.5-litre four cylinder engine, and an electric range of up to 58 km. Two gasoline models are available, with the fastest being a turbo-four-cylinder of 2.4-litres and 275 horsepower. It is paired up with an eight-speed automatic transmission. Interior features include a multimedia system that includes a 9.8 inch touch screen and an optional 14-inch display.


The Hyundai subcompact crossover, which is high performance and compact, will arrive in Canada later this year. A turbocharged 2.0-litre engine with 276 horsepower, 289 pound-feet torque and a paddle-shifted eight-speed transmission will power the Kona N. Hyundai claims that the interior will include a touch screen with navigation and a head up display measuring 10.25 inches.

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Photos of the BMW i Vision AMBY in action

We had the opportunity to view BMW’s new two-wheeled concept vehicle at the 2021 IAA. It is a futuristic pedal-electric bicycle that will be available in the future, along with the BMW Motorrad AMBY. It is not only impressive mechanically, but also looks great. The AMBY brothers fit in perfectly at the 2021 IAA. It would be much easier to use a pedal-electric bicycle for the journey around Munich.

Both versions of the AMBY are cool looking. The standard BMW i Vision AMBY is ultra-modern, with a minimalist approach that feels very fitting for the times. It’s sleek, sophisticated, simple, and features slick designs, such as the internally-routed brake lines, which hide them from the exterior. While the Motorrad AMBY is sportier, with its unique single-sided rear swinging arm and chunkier tires. It looks like it could handle far more terrain than the standard bike.

The standard version is a true pedal-electric bike, meaning it needs to be pedal for the electric assistance to work. However, the Motorrad version doesn’t require pedaling , though it can still be pedaling if the rider chooses. However, the Motorrad bike has a grip-mounted throttle that can provide the electric propulsion.

There are three speed ratings available, regardless of the bike that you choose: 25 km/h (15.5 MPH) for bicycle tracks; 45 km/h (28.5 MPH) for city centers roads and 60 km/h (37.5 MPH) for multi-lane roads. Different speed ratings require different insurance and licenses. The bike can be geofenced to determine its location and the maximum speed at which it can go. Digitally connecting with AMBY allows riders to upload their insurance and licenses, allowing for different speeds.

These sorts of urban mobility concepts are the sort that many automakers are looking at for the future. With automobiles becoming more and more taboo in urban city centers, premium pedal-electric bikes could be very popular among urbanites in the coming years.

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