Aydan and Bizzle jointly leave Ghost Gaming, enters free agency

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Aydan and Bizzle jointly leave Ghost Gaming, enters free agency

The original “controller goat” parts ways with one of Fortnite’s most prolific orgs Ghost Gaming

Aydan “Aydan” Conrad is deeply rooted within Fortnite’s history, first making a name for himself as the “dude that keeps killing Nickmercs at Tilted Towers.” He would rise to fame after dominating many Summer Skirmishes to later team up with his arch rival, Nick, in the duos iteration of the Fall Skirmish

Even after the good ‘ole days, when most players would fade away – Aydan didn’t. His mechanical prowess and all round skill, coupled with a rockin’ personality kept him more than relevant over the years. More recently, he qualified for both the World Cup and Trios grand finals and is now running up the bag in FNCS Duos

Aydan released an update to his fans on Twitter

“I am officially parting ways with Ghost Gaming on good terms. Ghost was the first and only organization I’ve been on and I’ve learned so much over the last 2 years. With that being said, I am now a free agent open to offers from all organizations,” he said

Bizzle’s career in Fortnite kicked off quite similarly to his longtime teammate Aydan. After stellar Skirmish performances, he would go on to win the solo portion of the Secret Skirmish and secure a $ 50,000 bag at the World Cup finals

Only 30 minutes after Aydan’s announcement, Bizzle would follow suit

Bizzle noted, “I have mutually parted ways with Ghost Gaming. Ghost was my first org and the true start to my gaming career, from Pax West to Dreamhack they have been there for me and there are a lot of people I want to thank. I also wish Ghost the best of luck on its next chapter. Future- I am now a free agent, excited to represent my next organization. Any offers can be directed at me through twitter or my agent”

For the first and second quarters of 2020, Ghost has not been shy to let go of a major part of their roster. Snood and Thwifo, both very relevant players in the competitive scene, were also dropped in January

It seems that Ghost must have finished a phase of renegotiations with a bulk of their roster. Since multiple players from their team are quitting in coordination, it’s within the wheelhouse of possibilities that Ghost could be picking up new players to fill the gaps

After one of 100Thieves’ largest content creators (Nickmercs) joined Faze Clan, they quickly found and signed a new rising star, MrSavage, to the team. In order to remain relevant in Esports and Fortnite in particular, Ghost will have to follow in their peers’ footsteps

Regardless of organizational antics, we must give our appreciation to the two OG goats that are now looking for a new home to represent. Aydan, Bizzle: best of luck in your future endeavours!

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