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Back to the Future Part III plot hole: Doc should know he'd be shot before Marty told him

However, in the newly created timeline in which Marty notifies younger Doc that he’s back from the future, this 1955 incarnation of the mad scientist knows everything.

This means that when Marty arrives in 1885, in the timeline he’s created where he and Doc were both in the Old West, that older Doc is the one who once was the 1955 Doc, who the teenager just said goodbye to at the drive-in movie theatre.

Therefore, it makes little sense for older Doc to say to Marty in 1885: “Marty, I gave you explicit instructions not to come here, but to go directly back to 1985.”

The older Doc is then surprised by the photograph of his tomb in 1955 and the fact that he’ll be shot that coming Monday in 1885 after Marty told him.

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