Back to the Future Part III plot hole: How Doc and Marty could've EASILY returned to 1985

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Back to the Future Part III plot hole: How Doc and Marty could've EASILY returned to 1985

It’s one of the best-loved movie trilogies, but with such a complex time travel narrative, there were always going to be some plot holes, right? A new fan theory argues that Back to the Future Part III was totally unnecessary and that Doc and Marty could have quite easily returned to 1985. It all comes down to the DeLorean in the mineshaft apparently.

Remember at the end of Back to the Future Part II when Doc was struck by lightning and sent back to 1885?

Well, he buried the DeLorean in a mineshaft to be uncovered by his younger self and Marty in 1955 so the latter could return to 1985.

And yet the young time traveller decided to go back to 1885 to collect Doc anyway.

But when he arrived in the Wild West, Indians shot the DeLorean’s fuel tank so the two were stuck, with Doc set to be shot by Biff’s ancestor on the following Monday.

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They added: “Once they got it up and running and sent Marty back to 1885, this creates a third timeline where Doc, Marty, and two DeLoreans are now in 1885 because remember; Marty came back at a point where Doc had already sealed his DeLorean in the mineshaft to be found in 1955 but – because Marty was already in 1885, there was no need for it to sit there for 70 years again!

“So basically they could have used parts from Doc’s DeLorean to fix Marty’s and been back much much sooner, rendering the whole movie moot and pointless.

“Now I’m sure some of you will tell me this would have created a paradox – having parts from one car from two points in its life wouldn’t be possible right? The universe would explode, right? Well…

“Remember when Jennifer wasn’t supposed to meet herself?”

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