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Back to the Future's ‘most DISTURBING aspect’ involves 1955 Doc Brown – Can YOU guess?

This week marks the 35th anniversary of the first Back to the Future movie. And to celebrate a fan has written an extensive piece on Reddit laying out the various timelines created by the DeLorean’s time travelling throughout Hill Valley’s past and future. However, in doing so they discovered something really disturbed about 1955 Young Doc Brown.

Back to the Future fans will remember that November 5, 1955, is when Doc Brown invented time travel.

The mad scientist banged his head and suddenly had a vision of the flux capacitor.

It only took him another 30 years to create his time machine, but let’s not also forget that in the final timeline in the trilogy, 1955 Doc Brown had Marty McFly visit him twice.

Not only that, but the 80s teenager revealed much to him about his older self.

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Reddit user Lorfinor wrote: “The most disturbing aspect of all of this is that BTTF3 1955’s Doc knows EVERYTHING.

“He knows that he will build the DeLorean, he will meet Marty, he will be shot, he will travel to the future, he will go back to Hell Valley and he will be struck by lightning and sent to 1885.

“Above all, he still thinks that he will be killed by Mad Dog because he will never know if Marty will succeed in saving him. Great Scott!!!”

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It’s true, just consider how distressing the final timeline for 1955 Doc really is and the responsibility he has to the spacetime continuum in his future actions.

It’s a success, but immediately afterwards Marty reappears and tells the flabbergasted Young Doc, that he’s back from the future.

This caused the mad scientist to faint, before the time-travelling teen takes him back to his house where he wakes up and can’t believe “future boy” can be back.

Marty tells him that he and 1985 Doc went to 2015 and ended up in an alternate 1985 before returning to 1955 to get the Grays Sports Almanac off young Biff, which they succeeded in doing.

However, 1985 Doc and the DeLorean are struck by lightning and sent back to 1885, which Marty proves by handing 1955 the letter written by his older self 70 years prior.

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