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Bailey on the brink: Labour hopeful's campaign in tatters as 'Tory friend' quote backfires

The Salford and Eccles MP admitted that she doesn’t have friends in the Tory party camp, and that it would anger her if her friends voted for Boris Johnson. The admission sparked fury from potential voters, with many taking to Twitter to share the news and horror at the lack of inclusiveness and diversity from the Labour leader hopeful.

One user wrote: “How can she possibly relate to nearly half the country if she does not even make an effort to understand opposing points of view?”

Another said: “This why they will always lose, they are stuck in the Islington bubble.”

A separate user wrote: “How very shallow.

“Must be really boring in that echo chamber.”

People have reacted furiously to the news that the Labour leader hopeful has no Tory friends (Image: GETTY)

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The Leader hopeful was and still is a close ally of the current leader, Jeremy Corbyn (Image: GETTY)

A fourth person put it more sombrely, and wrote: “Why would someone let another persons politics get in the way of a friendship?

“The world can be a lonely place you know.

“You can have a difference of opinion without it affecting the whole relationship.”

The Labour left-winger has been described as the female Jeremy Corbyn, with her having been a part of the Labour leader’s inner circle.

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Prospective voters have questioned Long-Bailey’s leadership qualities (Image: GETTY)

Her confession of not having any Tory friends came as she insisted she was an “outgoing” and “warm person”.

It came during a BBC interview, and closely resembles comments made by Laura Pidcock, the former Labour MP who lost her sea in December’s election.

Ms Pidcock, while MP for North West Durham, gained a reputation for saying she could not be friends with tories because they were the “enemy”.

Also in last night’s interview, Ms Long Bailey claimed that Labour had “a great set of policies” at December’s general election, but failed to sell them well.


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The leadership winner will be announce on April 4 of this year (Image: GETTY)

Long-Bailey had 33 nominations that got her through to the next round (Image: GETTY)

The election saw Boris Johnson and his Tory party win an 80-seat majority and break-up much of the so-called Red Wall of the north – with some areas turning blue for the first time.

Asked whether she had any Tory friends outside of politics, she said: “I’m sure I have

“I’ve got a group of friends who aren’t political, who we don’t talk about politics because you kind of don’t talk about politics with your non-political friends.

“I bet you they’ve not voted Labour all their lives, probably voted for all sorts of different people.”

She described herself as an ‘outgoing’ and ‘warm person’ (Image: GETTY)

She then joked: “I don’t know is the question (sic). They wouldn’t tell me if they did because I’d be angry.”

The BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg then asked if she had any Tory friends in politics.

Ms Long-Bailey replied: “Not really, no.

“But I’m friendly to everyone.”

There are currently only four candidates left in the race (Image: GETTY)

The Labour leader hopeful then went on to describe how she saw herself as a person, and said: “I am outgoing, friendly, I’d like to think I was a warm person.

“The reason that I’m in politics is because I want a better world where we respect each other and we love our communities and treat people as we expect to be treated – and that’s a mark of who I am as a great human being.”

Alongside Ms Long Bailey in the running for the Labour gig are Keir Starmer, Emily Thornberry and Lisa Nandy, with result of the vote being announced on April 4.

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