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BBC boss to expose highest-paid stars’ extra earnings 'Impartiality as the cornerstone'

Highly-paid presenters will have to be transparent about their outside roles that subsidise their incomes. Presenters including Naga Munchetty, from BBC Breakfast, Jon Sopel, the North America editor, and Fiona Bruce, the Question Time host, have been criticised for topping up their large salaries with commercial work. A source close to new BBC boss Tim Davie said: “Tim sees impartiality as the cornerstone of the BBC.

“We need to think about whether there are things that happen with outside interests and on social media that can erode trust and confidence.”

The new director-general of the BBC Mr Davie has planned to “shame” presenters into revealing their financial interests outside the organisation.

Mr Davie will become the head of the BBC is hoping to deal with the impression that the BBC is out of step with much of the nation.

He is hoping to crack down on presenters, such as Gary Lineker, who air their political views on Twitter.

Mr Davie has announced he will “accelerate change” to ensure the BBC is able to keep up to pace with a fast-moving world.

He has tasked the organisation with creating content of the “highest quality and impartiality”.

The new director-general wishes to contend with allegations that the BBC is biased against Brexiteers.

The most contentious issue in the past few months was when Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis criticised Dominic Cummings’s trip to Durham during the lockdown.

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