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BBC POLL: Do you back the new BBC commissioner’s plans to axe left wing comedy? VOTE HERE

On Thursday, Mr Davie is set to give his first speech as the new director-general of the long-running broadcaster. It is believed he will set out plans to restore “trust and confidence” in the BBC.



According to senior sources, Mr Davie, a Conservative party supporter, believes the BBC’s comedy output is too one-sided and needs a radical overhaul.

Although part of his plan could see a number of shows axed, senior sources have claimed no decisions have yet been made.

But it is believed some of the alleged worst-offending shows will be taken off the schedules in the long term.

As part of his new plans, comedy panel shows would be forced to book guests with a wider range of views on issues like Brexit.

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Do you back plans to axe leftist comedy from BBC? (Image: Getty)

BBC criticised for biased comedy (Image: Getty)

Now, Express.co.uk is asking, ‘Do you back the new BBC commissioner’s plans to axe left-wing comedy?’

Mr Davie’s plans have been welcomed by various Tory MPs.

MP Ben Bradley said: “In recent years lots of BBC comedy shows are just constant Left-wing rants about the Tories and Brexit.

“If the BBC is to truly represent all licence fee payers, that needs to change.

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BBC criticised for Left-wing comedy (Image: Getty)

“I’d like to see more right-leaning comedians given a chance rather than being effectively blacklisted for their views.

“Tim Davie appears to be talking a good game on sorting bias at the BBC, but whether it’ll lead to real change, time will tell.”

Over the years, the BBC has faced accusations their comedy shows on both TV and radio are unfairly biased against the Tories, Donald Trump and Brexit.

Programmes such as The Now Show on Radio 4, Have I Got News For You and even the children’s show Horrible Histories have all faced a backlash from the Tory party.

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BBC decision backed by Conservative Party (Image: Getty)

As the new director-general, Mr Davie will also address allegations of bias among staff at the BBC.

According to reports, he will force staff to sign up to new rules meaning they will no longer be allowed to express political views online.

A source said: “Tim sees impartiality as the cornerstone of the BBC.

“We need to think about whether there are things that happen with outside interests and on social media that can erode trust.”

BBC slammed for biased jokes towards Donald Trump (Image: PA)

Despite various BBC stars, such as Naga Munchetty and Gary Lineker, facing criticism for topping their large salaries with commercial work, Mr Davie’s starting salary will be £525,000.

Over recent weeks, the BBC has come under fire for being out of touch with the public, who pay the mandatory licence fee.

An Ofcom report in 2019 revealed the BBC is seen as too white, middle class and London-centric.

BBC axed two songs from Last Night of the Proms (Image: Getty)

The BBC was widely criticised over its decision to scrap Rule, Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory from the Last Night of the Proms in wake of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Calls have also been made to defund the BBC altogether after tensions between the public and the corporation reached new heights.

The Defund The BBC campaign argued scrapping the free TV licences for over-75s could open the door for scammers.

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