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BBC Question Time slated on Twitter as viewers vow to ‘switch off’ over ‘lacklustre’ panel

Question Time returned from Middlesborough last night with host Fiona Bruce mediating the debate. Ms Bruce was joined by Tory business minister Nadhim Zahawi, Labour shadow health secretary Jon Ashworth and Founder of the Big Issue John Bird.

Daily Mirror Editor and Celebrity divorce lawyer Ayesha Vardag also joined Ms Bruce on the panel.

Topics such as coronavirus, the recent mortality rate statistics, yesterday’s court ruling over Heathrow airport’s expansion and homelessness in Middlesborough were all debated by the panel.

There were plenty of clashes between Mr Zahawi and Labour MP Mr Ashworth as they came to blows over the NHS’s ability to cope with a potential coronavirus pandemic.

Ms Bruce was also roasted by viewers for continually interrupting Mr Zawahi throughout the show.

The BBC has been criticised by viewers and social media users in the past for being allegedly “biased”.

Viewers have criticised the show for having a predominantly Remainer-biased panel and a Remainer-biased audience.

Social media users were left outraged two weeks ago when not one Brexiteer appeared on the panel in Harpenden.

Now, Twitter users have taken to the platform to express their contempt for the show and last night’s “laclustre” panel.

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Another said: “What a diabolical panel, the only thing worth watching is probably the audience but then again BBC will have vetted the very worst there too.”

One user said: “This seriously is getting worse..no marks on the panel again.”

Another angrily said: “Well worth a miss. Scrap the BBC license fee go fund themselves now.”

One social media user said that the programme had gone from the “dizzying heights” of Michael Portillo to “well you know”.

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