BBC Question Time: Tory MP hits back at ‘interrupting’ Fiona Bruce in furious spat

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Question time got a little heated this week after Tory business minister Nadhim Zahawi got into a di (Image: BBC)

BBC Question time returned for another episode, this week taking place in Middlesborough. Fiona Bruce was joined by Tory business minister Nadhim Zahawi, Labour shadow health secretary Jon Ashworth and founder of the Big Issue John Bird. The Daily Mirror editor Alison Phillips and celebrity divorce lawyer Ayesha Vardag also joined Ms Bruce on the panel.

This week’s episode saw Tory business minister Nadhim Zahawi get into a furious spat with the Labour shadow health secretary over the effects austerity has had on life expectancy.

The report showing an increasing mortality rate for people in their forties sparked another argument over austerity between the opposing sides.

However, show host Fiona Bruce was quick to cut in, interrupting the Conservative MP multiple times throughout the show and accusing him of not answering her questions.

The host said: “Hang on because I’m getting defeaned okay, but the one think I don’t think you did Nadhim unless I missed it is answer Vaughan’s question.

“Is the fallen life expectancy proof that austerity kills as the author of the report suggests?”

Nadhim began: “I think we have to do much better…”

Fiona cut in: “No no, is it proof?”

Nadhim continued: “Politicians have to make decisions…”

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Once again, the host cut in: “Hang on, is it proof or isn’t it?

Later on when discussing the expansion of Heathrow airport tho host cut into the Conservative MP once again, which led to a heated discussion.

Nadhim said: “So as far as Heathrow is concerned and the legal challenge I can’t comment on that.

“As far as aviation across the whole of the United Kingdom then absolutely we need to invest in it as well as meet our very very ambitious targets for Net Zero by 2050.

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“We are going to be co-chairing the Cop 26 climate summit this year… we want to make sure we have sustainable clean aviation.”

To which Ms Bruce said: “Okay I hear that, but I hear also you’re not answering the question. I’ve tried twice.”

The comment was met by laughter from the audience, causing the MP to hit back at the host.

“I did answer. I said to you aviation has to grow!”

She said: “No, should the Heathrow expansion go ahead, and you’re not you’re saying you haven’t got a view on it.”

Viewers at home were quick to notice the amount of times the Conservative MP was interrupted by Ms Bruce compared to other members of the panel.

Some users described her as being “unfair” and “constantly interrupting”.

Others branded Question Time as the “Fiona Bruce show” and said that the host should be “ashamed” of her constant “biased interruptions”.

One Twitter user called Paul said: “I risked, due to not wanting to raise my blood pressure, a look at #bbcqt – bad move it went through the roof.

“That mess of a program should be renamed the Fiona Bruce anti-Tory rant show, constant biased interruptions, so put up with it for 10 mins and then turned it off.”

Another said: “What a joke!!

“Fiona Bruce is so unfair every time the conservative chap spoke she constantly interrupted him!!

“I will not be watching her programme again so obviously biased!! It’s not the first time either!”

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