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BBC's Laura Kuenssberg cut off as she demands response during No10 coronavirus briefing

BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg was left hanging in the wind after she was brutally cut off during the daily briefing. This took place after Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance answered her question on what he thought the gaps in the peaks of the coronavirus in different areas of the country could be.  The BBC journalist appeared to be snubbed by Matt Hancock when she tried to demand a follow-up.

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Ms Kuenssberg could be heard asking: “Can I come back on that?”

However, she was ignored by the Health Secretary.

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He then went on to call for the next journalist in line, ITV’s Robert Peston.

Ms Kuenssberg tweeted out: “No follow up Qs at press conference today.”

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Laura Kuenssberg appeared to be cut off as she demanded a response during the briefing (Image: BBC)

The BBC journalist could be heard asking: “Can I come back on that?” (Image: SKY)

Sir Patrick had answered her first question saying: “It’s worth remembering that what we’ve done is really suppress the numbers.

“This isn’t a natural peak, this is a suppressed peak.

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“I think London is ahead of the country maybe by a couple of weeks.

“But there’s quite a lot of synchrony right across the country actually, there’s not a massive difference.”

Health Secretary Matt Hancock (Image: SKY)

The Chief Scientific Adviser added: “I can’t be absolutely sure about this.

“But two or three weeks is the sort of order where you might expect to see some differences across the country.”

Both the Health Secretary and Sir Patrick made sure to emphasise the importance of mainting social distancing, especially as an important religious celebration begins today.

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The Health Secretary told the daily briefing: “This Ramadan, many Muslims who serve their country in the NHS and in the armed forces and so many other ways, will not be sharing the joy of this month as they normally do.

“I want to say to all British Muslims: thank you for staying at home.

“I know how important the daily Iftar is, how important communal prayers are at night and how important the Eid festival is.

“Thank you for your service, citizenship and sacrifice.”

“Something we can all do to continue helping is the follow the rules on social distancing.”


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