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BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg exposes ‘brutal’ backlash against Boris Johnson over coronavirus

BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg argued many NHS workers and Britons are concerned about Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s handling of the coronavirus crisis. While on BBC’s World at One’s Ms Kuenssberg noted Mr Johnson was regularly criticised on the issue of testing for coronavirus and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) against the virus. Ms Kuenssberg added outlets that would regularly defend the Prime Minister’s Government have also been critical of the decisions being made.

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She said: “It has been interesting to see because even newspapers that are normally sympathetic to Boris Johnson’s Government are being pretty brutal on the handling of testing and also the issue of PPE.

“I know in my own email inbox and here at the BBC, we have been inundated with questions from people who work in the NHS saying I cannot get the equipment I think I need.

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“We have been hearing from doctors and nurses who want to be work but can’t be at work because they might have the test but they can’t get a test.

“There is acute frustration out there.

BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg exposes ‘brutal’ backlash against Boris Johnson over coronavirus (Image: Getty)

“I don’t think it is the case that has not been heard or understood by Whitehall but I think these two particular elements of handling this crisis have gone up the political scale of what needs to be managed right now.

“It is worth remembering that these are only two parts of a crisis that is effecting every single bit of Government.”

Earlier this week Boris Johnson addressed the nation in a Twitter video where he insisted the UK would be boosting the amount of testing.

Mr Johnson argued testing was a vital part of protecting the NHS during this crisis.

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In the Twitter video, he said: “This is the way through, this is how we will unlock the coronavirus puzzle.

“This is how we will defeat it in the end.

“What we need to do is massively ramp up tests so that you can know whether you have had the disease in the past, the so-called antibody test.

“Because that will enable you to go to work in the confidence that you can’t be infected or be infectious.”

During the Saturday Coronavirus briefing, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Michael Gove outlined how the Government would continue to tackle the pandemic.

Mr Gove said: “New Nightingale hospitals are due to be built in Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Belfast, Glasgow, Harrogate and Manchester.

“Given that we know that the Midlands are a particular area of concern the NHS and the military are accelerating their work.

“They will transform the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham into a 2,000-bed Nightingale Hospital.”


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