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BBC's Laura Kuenssberg reveals backbenchers have 'hawk eyes' for Boris in Tory CIVIL WAR

Speaking on BBC Politics Live, Laura Kuenssberg highlighted Damian Green’s and David Davis’ interventions in the Commons during Prime Minister’s Questions over Boris Johnson’s decision to allow Chinese tech giant Huawei to play a part in the British communication system – as she argued their questions to the Prime Minister revealed Mr Johnson has staunch critics in his own party. She said: “There were two very pointed questions from two very senior backbenchers, Damian Green and David Davis. It’s not brand new criticism and it’s not ingenue new backbenchers or even opposition parties who are still raising this.

“And I think that shows you that there is still a lot of concern in Parliament about the Prime Minister and the Government giving the green light to Huawei being part of the rollout of 5G.

“And I think it tells us there will be absolutely hawk eyes looking at what happens in the coming years.

“And there will be very strong attention on whether or not the restrictions that have been placed on Huawei which is a market cap and only allowing them to be involved in particular parts of the rollout of 5G – people are going to pay very, very close attention to this.

“And also, the suggestion from the Government that we should be developing as a country our own kind of alternatives to this.

“That’s really where they were pressing, France is looking at building an alternative and the point from the backbenchers was very loud and clear: why isn’t the UK doing that too?”

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Tory MP Damian Green urged the Prime Minister to provide a timescale of reducing Huawei’s involvement in the UK’s telecommunications networks.

Fellow former Conservative minister David Davis also called on the Government to “lead the Five Eyes and Nato to create an alternative to Huawei in the next two years”.

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Mr Johnson refused to commit to a deadline but said his Government “will work to ensure that high-risk vendors cannot dominate our market”.

Mr Green said: “The Prime Minister is conscious of the very widespread concern in this House about the plans to involve Huawei in 5G networks, concerns that will have only been increased by the news this week that France is building a new 5G network without the involvement of Huawei, following the lead of Australia.

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