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Beads of the heart


AFTER working as an internal auditor for more than 10 years, Sharmila Kaur left her career to journey into the world of tiny little beads.

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“I left my job to do something different which makes me happy. And I did. I found my passion,” admits 42-year-old Sharmila, whose fascination with beads led her to create stunning earrings.

Sharmila uses types of seed beads from Japan called Toho and Miyuki to create colourful, one-of-a-kind jewellery, especially earrings. Her unique designs are inspired by flowers, nature, landscapes and festivals in Malaysia.

Her earrings have included a songket design for Hari Raya, a teddy bear design for Valentine’s Day and a sakura flower design for Chinese New Year.

“Seed beads gives me the luxury to come up with beautiful designs and colours,” she said, adding that the beads are made of glass.

“My personal favourite designs are of flowers. I love them because they are beautiful and women love them too,” she said.

She is known for making dangly fringe earrings, the longest of which measures about 15cm.

“The first pair that I made was a Jamaican-inspired fringe earring. It was a simple one. It took me a long time to complete it because I was still honing my skills,” said Sharmila.

Each pair of earrings takes an average of three to five hours to create. It also depends on the intricacy of the design.

Sharmila only produces custom-made jewellery for each client as per their request.

“I began to sell my jewellery online in November last year. At the beginning of my bead journey, I was having difficulty in getting recognition and exposure,” said Sharmila, who gained loyal customers, within a short time.

Her handmade items can be viewed at her Instagram page @allthingshandmade.my, or her Facebook account at AllThingsHandmadeMY.

Apart from managing her online business, she hopes to expand her skills into making rings, bracelets, anklets and necklaces, in the future. “I will go wherever the beads lead me,” she said.

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