Beastars: Is Legoshi Going To Eat Flesh? | Screen Rant

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Beastars: Is Legoshi Going To Eat Flesh? | Screen Rant

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Beastars volume 11


Faced with the daunting strength of a vicious killer, Legoshi is forced to consume the meat of a beloved friend in the latest volume of Beastars. The popular manga was created by Paru Itagaki and published in Weekly Shōnen Champion beginning in 2016. Set in a world populated by anthropomorphic animals, predation is a complete taboo. However, a murder in Cherryton High School ruptures the peace between carnivores and herbivores. Fear creeps along the halls of the school as the killer continues to roam free, proving how animals can truly be terrifying.

The series follows Legoshi the gray wolf as he tries to solve the murder of Tem the alpaca. After a rigorous investigation, Legoshi has finally solved the case and discovered that the killer is Riz the brown bear. Instead of  just turning Riz over into the authorities, Legoshi challenges him in a battle between carnivores, which the bear wholeheartedly accepts. Legoshi then proceeds to train as much as he can both physically and mentally. He even goes to his trusted senior, Louis the red deer, to ask him to watch the duel. But despite Riz’s strength being boosted by eating meat, Legoshi refuses to stoop to that level and instead stays true to his ideals of not consuming a single animal tissue during his training.

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When the confrontation between two heavyweight carnivores finally arrives in Beastars volume 11, the manga series’ fans know that peace is not an option. The two meet under the bridge to settle things once and for all. Riz taunts Legoshi by saying he killed Pina the white dall sheep, but Legoshi quickly calls his bluff using his sharp sense of smell. Finally, the two clash. Riz bites Legoshi’s side, but Legoshi manages to land a strong enough hit to smash Riz’s nose.

Beastars: Is Legoshi Going To Eat Flesh? | Screen Rant 2

Riz goes berserk after his nose gets smashed. Just then, Louis appears to give Legoshi a helping hand, or foot. Legoshi drags Louis away from Riz, giving a small pause to the grand showdown between two powerhouses. That’s when Louis catches up on the situation and opens up to Legoshi. Knowing a vegetarian gray wolf is no match against a brown bear’s monstrous strength, Louis offers his foot for Legoshi to eat. Legoshi reluctantly bites it, breaking his vow to himself. This gives him the strength to overcome Riz and capture the killer.

Beastars fans have long wondered who killed Tem, and it was a shocker that it isn’t anyone already introduced in the series. In fact, Bill the Bengal tiger was a suspect, as he scarily fits the profile. After all, it’s long been revealed that Bill has no reservation when it comes to eating meat. Nonetheless, when the series reveals that Riz is the real culprit, everybody knows that the end is near. With Riz being captured, Tem’s case is finally closed. But this raises the question: what comes next? Surely, Legoshi will have to undergo some kind of rehabilitation after having to eat meat in order to bring the killer to justice. However, the fans can only wait to see how the story will further progress. Beastars volume 11 will be released March 16.

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