Home Gaming Become a pro tunneler with these strategies!

Become a pro tunneler with these strategies!

Working the mid-ground tarp in 7th zone may seem overwhelming; use these tips to secure the dub in even the most stacked games

Video Tutorial

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In the aforementioned video we discussed three main tunnel strategies you should have in your arsenal

  • Traditional Tunnel

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    Bizzle Tunnel

  • Triangle Tunnel*

*The triangle tunnel is very important, as it’s being utilized much more in today’s meta than ever. Understanding how mat consumption works can save you in the end game

Some other key topics worth noting:

  • Maximum Separation – the maximum distance a tunnel puts you from opponents

  • Layer control – understanding which layers are “safe” and which are “dangerous.” Solid game sense will make layer control easy as pie

  • VOD Review – learning from other pro players to see how they deal with the aforementioned topics

Put all of these concepts together and you’re certain to make it far on the battlefield! Let us know your thoughts on Twitter!

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