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Ben Shepherd on backstage moves with Kate Garraway: 'Never know what's going to happen'

Ben Shepherd and Kate Garraway had quite the laugh on Monday morning’s Good Morning Britain, which led to the presenter hailing his on-air partnership with his pal. As the UK gears up for the new face mask regulations coming into place this Friday, everyone has been trying to nab face coverings and some are more bizarre than others.

While many have opted for throw away blue medical ones, others have chosen handmade cotton, with patterns imprinted on them.

Ben and Kate on the other hand, were gifted masks that were even more personalised than ever.

Taking to Instagram after the show had wrapped, Ben posted a montage of snaps he and his co-star had taken on the ITV set.

“These aren’t weird at all,” he wrote, alongside three images of the presenters wearing masks with their own faces on them.

“The no face mask, face mask!! A screen print of your mouth and nose, on the face mask??!?!

“Certainly made us smile. Great to be with @kategarraway again this morning – you never know what’s going to happen!!

“Is it me or do we actually look like a #spittingimage puppets???”

It didn’t take long before fans rushed to the comment section to share their thoughts on the masks that would definitely make you look twice in the street.

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“Amazing. Wonder if I could wear one at work in the operating theatres,” one joked.

“You have never looked so handsome,” another added, poking fun of the fact Ben’s mask made his face look squashed.

But after sharing Ben’s post to her own Instagram page yesterday evening, Kate revealed she would hopefully be giving an update on Derek’s condition this morning.

“So looking forward to seeing you all on @gmb tomorrow morning (we’ll lose the weird face masks don’t worry),” she wrote.

“After at emotional few days hopefully will have an update for you on Derek. See you at 6 a.m with @benshephardofficial.”

Kate and their two young children Darcey and William, have been congratulating the NHS with weekly claps to show their support for the doctors and nurses keeping Derek alive as they continue to put on brave faces despite the devastating situation.

But to everyone’s relief, she announced he is COVID-19 free and has woken up from the coma, although he still has a long way to go.

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