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Best cities for families in 2020 – where does UK rank? Full list of top destinations

Luckily, a new study from Movinga has studied 150 international cities that have a reputation as attractive locations for raising a family and looked into various contributing factors to determine the top cities around the world that offer the best conditions to raise a family.

The study is divided into three categories: City Livability, Family Legislation, and Parent Surveys. These categories are then divided further into 13 factors that determine the suitability of a destination for families:

– City Livability: Housing affordability, living costs by income, unemployment (%), education, safety, mobility, air quality, healthcare, kids’ activities.

– Family Legislation: Paid parental leave (days), family inclusivity.

– Parent Surveys: Neighbourhood safety, family-friendliness.

Taking the number one spot for the best city for families to live in was Helskinki, Finland. The country rated high across city liability, family legislation and family-friendliness.

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“The total amount of crime reported in Oslo for 2017 decreased from 2016 by 5.6 percent,” the report adds.

Munich, Germany came in fourth place, followed by Copehagen, Denmark; Stockholm, Sweden; Reykjavik, Iceland; Calgary, Canada; Montreal, Canada and Gothenburg, Sweden.

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In a statement on their website, Movinga said: “As experts in helping families relocate, here at Movinga we know that parents and their children have different needs and expectations than individuals when moving to a new city.

“After analysing the best cities for various opportunities such as finding love, education, employment, or starting a new business, we decided to turn our attention towards the fundamental features of a city that concern parents or parents-to-be when looking to make a move.

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