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Best supplements for joints: An anti-inflammatory to reduce

Doctors at Tongji University, Shanghai, China published their research in the medical journal Life sciences on the benefits of magnesium in helping patients with osteo and improving joint health.

The researchers listed the benefits of taking magnesium for joint health which include:

Magnesium is widely involved in human physiological processes (inflammation) that may play key roles in the generation and progression of diseases.

Magnesium deficiency is considered to be a major risk factor for osteo development and progression.

Magnesium deficiency is active in several pathways that have been implicated in osteo, including increased inflammatory mediators, cartilage damage, defective chondrocyte biosynthesis, calcification in soft tissue and a weakened effect of analgesics.

The researchers concluded there is abundant evidence which suggests magnesium supplementation is an effective therapy for osteo and better joint health.

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