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Big Game Hunting, Remote Places, Thrilling Adventures and Spectacular Imagery

“There is nothing more thrilling and rewarding than the challenge of hunting elusive game.”

    OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, May 28, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Hunter, business owner and entrepreneur, Leonard Hansen graduated with honors from Oklahoma Military Academy, earned a business degree from Dana College in Blair, Nebraska, a master’s degree in business administration from Central Missouri State University, and is recipient of a Grand Slam North American Wild Sheep Award.

Hansen’s love of hunting began as a child on his grandfather’s ranch in South Dakota. In the 1980s he was hunting turkey, squirrel and deer. While hunting mule deer outside Yellowstone Park, he became intrigued with hunting wild sheep. A Dall Sheep Hunt in Alaska in 2003 began his quest for the Grand Slam of North American Wild Sheep. Since then he has achieved 2 Grand Slams of North American Sheep (Grand Slam #1669). An onerous tracker Hansen has hunted wild sheep, elk, antelope and bear.

The delicate balance between the hunter and the hunted played out in the mountains of North America is in no way easy. In Leonard Hansen’s latest book, “North American Mountain Hunting”, he chronicles the physical and mental challenges of high elevations, constantly changing weather patterns and rugged terrains. Enthralled by the draw of the pursuit, Hansen recounts the challenges of tracking elusive game in their natural habitat and the triumph of the successful hunt. Demonstrated in brilliant color Hansen wraps spectacular views of snowcapped mountains, majestic canyons and emerald green forests into decades of hunting game in pristine settings.

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A serious hunter and brilliant storyteller Hansen’s latest book includes informative maps, gear requirements and training for mountain hunting. He currently lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Also, enjoy Leonard Hansen’s book “The Great Sheep Adventure”, a must read for any serious hunter or outdoor lover.

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